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Knights Templar Treasure

The Knights Templar Treasure

The GREATEST Treasure in the World

Documented by Timothy Draper

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Crusader's Knights Templar Treasure


There is no doubt that everyone that knows me would agree that one of my biggest passions in life is historical treasure hunting. I have spent over 20 years learning everything that I can about the Spanish Conquests of gold, silver, and power in North America. I have learned so much and have over a hundred treasure sites that I’ve been researching since the age of 18. The more I would research, the more clues, and locations, and stories I found that I just couldn’t ignore. That’s how I got into treasure hunting or what I like to call, Historical Treasure Hunting. Finding out the story that is attached to certain monuments and structures is fascinating to me. But there is one thing that I favor even more than the lost mines and treasures from the Spanish in America: my family tree and heritage.

I started looking into my own family tree about 11 years ago. I was working an office job and found myself having a lot of extra time that I ended up using to research my own family lineage. It’s been a fun and exciting journey; I’ve made many discoveries and found many surprises along the way. First, I learned that my family history’s time in North America is relatively short, they arrived in North America in the 1840s from Scotland, and within a year, they traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah, and parts of Idaho, and that’s where many of us live today. To get to my story, I think I will start with the McGregor Clan of Scotland and move back in time. The McGregor Clan is well-known in history today for their lands, but more importantly, because of Robert Roy McGregor, also known as Rob Roy | The Scottish Robin Hood. Because the McGregor Clan were a noble and a powerful clan, it was natural in those times that noble families marry into other noble families and that’s exactly what happened in my family.

Rosslyn Castle Scotland Henry Sinclair

During my research, I was pleased to discover that I had 7 well-documented Scottish families in my family tree from the year 1020-1858. There’s the Clan Stewart of Argyll, Scotland who dominated the country for generations, the Clan Graham of Perthshire, Scotland who was instrumental in demolishing the Roman wall built by the Roman Emperor, the Clan Campbell of Argyll, Scotland was the most successful clan in Scottish history, and Clan MacDonald of Ross, Scotland who’s roots run deep being the oldest and largest of all Scottish clans and I’m just getting started! It was easy to investigate and link these families to mine because their history and records are widely known and there are many documented marriages, baptisms, birth, and death records. Last but not least, a few more Clans worth mentioning are the Clan Douglas of East-Lothian, Scotland who was one of the most powerful families, the Clan McGregor of Lanarkshire, Scotland of whom Rob Roy MacGregor belonged to and became the subject of the Hollywood film Rob Roy in 1995. And finally,  Clan Sinclair of Orkney, Scotland of which Henry Sinclair belonged to who led the Battle of Roslin in 1303 and defeated the English.

If being linked to families like that, doesn’t get you pumped and excited then I don’t know what does! The family clans from above are exactly the reason why I am deeply passionate about my family history but I can’t help but wonder, how can someone carry on the honor of their family history and their devotion for God and land? The more I study my family history, the more I realize that times are different, and even though I cherish, and honor family tradition, the best I can do is to try to remember my descendants and live brave, try to be respectful of others, and voyage and explore as much as I can. I think the most important thing I can do is to continue to research, learn, and document as many records as I can so I can share the stories with my children, and they can tell their children and so on, which brings me to the actual point of this story, the Sinclair family history.


The same Sinclair’s that are known for the Knights Templar treasure and the Roslin Chapel of Scotland. Now let’s can talk about the richest treasure known to man, the one that is too vast and powerful for any one man, the treasure of the Knights Templar.



On October 13th, 1307 King Phillip IV had his officers arrest hundreds of Knights Templar. King Phillip felt that the Templars had grown too powerful and wealthy and he felt threatened by them. He did one of the worst things anyone has ever done to a holy organization and he burned them at the stake. Some say that this is the origin where the superstition of Friday the 13th began; a day that would forever be remembered and considered cursed.

After Friday the 13th, many more Templars were hunted down and killed as well. From this point on, the Templars went into hiding and the organization went underground. For almost 90 years, the remaining Templars were spread out through Europe and in Scotland, some of the noble families shared the responsibility to keep the Templars secrets and their locations secret. Tunnels and Templar symbols underneath castles of Scotland have been recently found. Some historians and scholars believe these were castles and the Scottish families that dwelled in them would help the Templars to organize and grow strong once again.




In 1398, Henry Sinclair the 1st sailed to North America with 12 ships that were full of riches. He was accompanied by his brothers of God-the Knights Templars, and others that were equally loyal to the cause of hiding the treasure so that no man would ever find it.

Some say that Henry Sinclair, and the men that accompanied him, were the first to discover North America almost 100 years before Christopher Columbus ever set foot. Information like that could change history and what we are taught. A few questions I find myself asking are: Why would they leave Europe to hide the treasure? Why would they seek a location to hide it that is so far from their allies and their homeland?



Around the 1390s, a plan was made to hide this great treasure deep in the world, far away from everyone. The Templars felt that the treasure was too important to leave to chance that anyone might find it and they feared that its location would be found if it stayed in Europe. Henry Sinclair the 1st, Earl of Orkney was a Knights Templar and born into the noble and well-respected Clan Sinclair (my 17th Great-Grandfather). He was actively involved in the plans of relocating this valuable treasure. This was no easy task; it took patience and time to slowly make the arrangements of this incredibly detailed and thought out plan. It is said that for a couple of years, one of the Sinclair’s castles were used for the meeting place, where the 12 ships were loaded up and heavily burdened by gold, silver, ruby’s, silks, statues, coins, and holy relics. This was done in a discreet way so no-one would notice that the group and clan family was up to something.

Even though there are a few different stories and theories of where they sailed, there has been evidence to suggest that those 12 ships landed on the newfound land of natives — a new world full of different cultures that had no knowledge of the Knights Templar, God, and the power of Europe. As I mentioned before, many believe that Henry Sinclair the 1st was the first to discover the “New World” nearly a century before Christopher Columbus. Many also believe that the Sinclair Party and Templars landed in the Nova Scotia area for the winter, and then sailed on to Massachusetts.

There is one story I found of an unknown fisherman and his brother that showed up in Orkney Scotland, after 12 years of being missing in action. He told a remarkable story of losing control of his ship by a storm and ending up in Greenland. As the story goes, Henry Sinclair believed their story and also that these fishermen knew how to get to the New World. He convinced the fishermen (now known to be the Zeno Brothers), to accompany him, and the 12 ships back to North America.

Henry Sinclair did return to Scotland where he constructed the famous Roslin Chapel of Scotland. The same Roslin Chapel where it is claimed that Henry Sinclair left sculptures and hidden secrets of his travels to North America as well as clues to where some treasures might be hidden in and throughout the chapel itself.


Knights Templar Tunnels Israel


There have been many discoveries in North America that could change history as we know it, a history that is not taught in schools today. The history that has yet to be discovered is so complex that if a modern-day treasure hunter could have the resources to research and follow the clues, they could discover more than he or she thought possible. Some historical artifacts and discoveries have been found in Eastern of Northern America and date back as far as the Vikings and they lead many to believe that the Knights Templar may have, in fact, sailed, and landed in North America. A few that I will discuss in this article are the Newport Tower, Westford Knight cemetery, and tunnels and caves.

Newport Tower Knights Templar

The Newport Tower found in Rhode Island is protected and is in great condition today. This structure has raised many questions: Who built it and when? Many people believe that Henry Sinclair, not only organized the construction of it, but furthermore, used it as a landmark of his exploration. The construction of the Tower is of European design and looks to be something of value. Much like the Roslin Chapel, the New Port Tower is believed to hold secrets as well. The tower was built with strange openings inside; some believe it points to stars and charts our galaxy, while others believe that it could be more like a map. Perhaps if used correctly and proven to be built by Henry Sinclair and his party, it would give the exact direction and location of the Templar treasure.

Westford Knight Cemetery

Westford Knight cemetery is in Massachusetts and is a place that can be visited today. There’s a display of a Knight Statue lying on the ground next to a grave. This Knight’s history and meaning is up in the air and many people still question its involvement with Henry Sinclair and the Knights Templar.

There are reports of tunnels and caves found in North America; man-made tunnels that show tool marks and are full of symbols that could be linked to the Templars. In some of these tunnels’, altars have been found that have running, natural springs that could be symbolizing the Holy Water of Christ. Was this a place for the Templars to pray?

There are several TV shows and documentaries that talk about similar things that I’ve as well. To name a few: the Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel and their search for the mysterious legend to the island, America Unearthed on the Travel Channel did a few episodes about the links and clues left behind in America that point to how the Templar treasure could be in America. There are many credible resources that have speculated and researched the exploration of Henry Sinclair and the Templar treasure in America for an awfully long time. There are many unexplained stories, structures, and artifacts that could be pointed to the Templars being here. What does that mean? Could it mean that Henry Sinclair and the Knights Templar really could have hidden their valuable treasure in North America?

If this is true, the wealthiest and largest treasure known to man might be right at our fingertips. All we need to do dedicate the time to research, organize, and find clues to the truth.



I have been hunting treasures and lost history for over 20 years. I studied History and Anthropology. I’ve spent countless hours hunting down the Spanish treasures in Western America. I am Timothy Draper, the Founder of the team, Treasures in America, a team dedicated to historical research and uncovering the truth. I’m a researcher that uses well-known and newly found evidence and lost history to find, structures, artifacts, and legends in America.


I’ve been investigating my family history for over 11 years. I take my family’s history seriously and I am always looking to further the family tree, backed by evidence and records from Europe and other resources. In the last few years, I have seen that many authors have written books about Henry Sinclair and his voyage to the New World. I’ve read about the secrets of the Knight Templar, the Roslin Chapel, the Templar treasure, and anything else I could find to be of value. I know that many people have spent a good chunk of their lives researching and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. There are many Historians and officials in America as well as Scotland that know this story very well.

This is where I’d like to ask something of my readers. If you read this article and you know of more information linked to it that may further my research, please reach out to me. If you know of a person that has information to the Knights Templar, Henry Sinclair, clues that have been found in North America, please pass this article to them so they can reach out to me. I would like to form a team of specialists that can join with me to hunt for not only the lost history and clues, but for the treasure itself! I know that with my experience, and a team of people that have experience in many different fields, will be the difference between success and failure on a mission like this.

I would like to form an alliance of knowledgeable people and go after this story. I want to fully document this journey and travel to Scotland, talk with historians there, scholars, and urban legend seekers find more clues, the back story and more so we can return to America and search for more clues. With all the information available in our current time, I believe that a well-rounded team can not only uncover the lost information but could be successful in actually tracking down one of the most important events that have taken place in history. I hope to hear from you. Let’s find The Knights Templar Treasure.

Good Luck. Be Safe. Find Your Adventure.


To reach out to me, please follow the links below:

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The Knights Templar Treasure -2020

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  1. I’m part of a team researching lost Spanish mines in San Diego County, in particle a mine called the Lost Silver Mine of El Cajon Mountain. It is believed this mine — and others — were discovered by Spanish Missionaries or the Spanish soldiers assigned to the San Diego Mission, and that Indians were made to work the mines. Some say it was slavery; others say it was in exchange for food and shelter. Anyway, when Mexico took control of this area in 1830, the Spanish hid the mines by caving them in, hoping that Spain would retake this territory at a later time. We have collected a number of stories from old literature and from Indian elders are and are following a number of clues that leads us to a particular valley that is so congested with brush and poison ivy, that our pace in cutting through it has been very slow. We need to find Lidar technology as that will help us find old mining trails. Anyway, I know you’ve done more research on Spanish mining activities than anyone so I was wondering if you had any info that would be helpful. Also, we are in touch with a Hollywood producer who has done work for the History channel, so we are hoping to turn our search into a reality show.

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  4. Knight Templar Treasure…
    When the first Knights Templar returned from the Holy Land they brought back with them huge amounts of gold, silver and Temple artefacts recovered from under Temple Mount. All this wealth was concealed at various locations and marked by using the Chess Board as a map, each site represented by the effigy of a Knight on the appropriate square: the characteristics and position of the Knight on the board describing the location. Knights with crossed legs are found on black squares. In Temple Church London there are nine stone effigies of Knights, one for each location. The effigy of William Marshall the 1st Earl of Pembroke is shown with his feet resting on a Standing Dog, his pillow is a water pitcher – this perfectly describes the place of the treasure, The same story is told in the Church of St Mary’s in the village of Aldworth near Newbury where the nine stone effigies are known as the ‘Aldworth Giants’; also in the Classical Monuments at Shugborough Hall and in the Danse Macabre figures In Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland … All of the treasures have lain undisturbed since the early twelfth century.

  5. just recently there have been tombs and tunnels found under the cathedral of notredam in indiana, after further research I found that there were other religious structures on the same location going back to 1200 ad

  6. My Grandmother was Dorthy Standish and I am related to Myles Standish of the Mayflower. I have a degree in History and am looking to find the knights Templar and Masonic legends.

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