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Our Adventures

Check out some of the recent adventures we've been on!

Chris Jericho and Timothy Draper

Two men from different backgrounds on an adventure to find Butch Cassidy's gold

Timothy Draper and the Lost Mine

Tim found this mine while out exploring the vast wilderness of the Pine Valley Mountains

Strange Rock Carvings

These carving can be found in Utah. What do they mean? The TIA team has a theory that it could be a map of the mountain tops in the area

Exploring the old Shaft

Shaun Fotheringham climbing down to explore the old mine shaft

Filming Shaun Fotheringham

Shaun was interviewed for a Motivate Me podcast. He was asked questions about what inspires him

New Graves Site at Mountain Meadows Massacre

Shaun and Tim headed out to find and investigate the new found grave sites of the Mountain Meadows Massacre Site

The Draper Kids

Here's a picture of Jada, Mesa, and Trae Draper while out with their dad, Timothy Draper exploring this old smelter

Antonio Mendez

Antonio is a very hard worker but when it's break time, he can sleep anywhere within a few minutes

Robbers Roost Hideout (Butch Cassidy)

This is all that's left of the famous outlaw hideout. This was filmed during our TV appearance on the Travel Channel

Ivins Petroglyph Area

The Treasures in America's team exploring the petroglyph site of Southern Utah

Timothy Draper with the Filming Crew

The filming crew hired by the producer for the Travel Channel episode stopped to pose for this picture

Todd Andresen Treasures in America

Todd stopped to check the map. This needed to be done due to the team venturing over 100+ miles in the middle of know where


Mixtec Artifact

This artifact was shown to Antonio Mendez and Timothy Draper. It goes to show that the story they were told about a lost hidden city in Mexico might very well be true

Old Mine Exploration

Timothy Draper Shooting

This .50 cal was quite the gun to show.

Treasures in America’s Outings

TIA has had hundreds of trips throughout the years. It's always hard to get group pictures because everyone is always out exploring

Beer Time!

You always have to stop and take a break during a long day of exploring. We traveled over 110 miles on Lake Powell in a boat on this date


Timothy and his son Trae Draper

Timothy and LeeAnn Draper

Mountain Meadows Investigation

This picture was taken while Timothy Draper was filmed for a paranormal investigation by the Spirit Stories Team

Roy Johnson

Roy out doing what he likes, hunting and being outdoors

Timothy Draper and the 1837 Tree

While Tim was out on one of hes investigation he stumbled onto a carving in the tree with the date 1873

Timothy Draper’s Discovery

Tim is holding a Spanish Sword that was found in the high mountains of Utah

Exploring Canyon Lake in Arizona

We had to go explore Canyon Lake while we were in the area. Timothy Draper is pointing out a cave opening to Shaun Fotheringham


Chris Jericho, Timothy Draper, & Stephen Shaffer

The three took a picture after 3 long days of filming for the Travel Channel


Butch Cassidy’s Name

This is a photo of Butch Cassidy's name written


Artifact Found in Mexico

This artifact was found in Mexico and could be over 1000 years old. Some locals came it belongs to the powerful Mixtec culture

Treasures in America Meeting

Spanish Sword Found

After hard work and persistence a Spanish sword was found with a metal detector


Ghost Town Found

This is how the team found this abandoned house.

Rock Monuments

Look at how many rock monuments are on this hilltop


Prospecting and Mining

Treasures in America's always on the lookout for sources of gold and silver

Petroglyphs of Utah

These sites need to be protected and if you happen to visit one, stay of the symbols and don't touch them, chaulk them... Leave them as they are


Timothy Draper & Antonio Mendez



Timothy & LeeAnn Draper

Tim & LeeAnn have been out on many adventures throughout the years


Timothy & LeeAnn Draper


St. George News Interview

The local News interviewed Timothy Draper about the Mountain Meadows Massacre site and its history


Webinars and Group Meetings

You have to attend Treasures in America's meetings to learn more on the do's and don'ts.

Time to Ride

During the filming for the Travel Channel the team needed to bring out two UTVs to get the crew out to the area


The Mammoth Cave

Linked to the Spanish Silver Bars

After many years of investigating, the team was able to find many clues to the lost silver cache in Southern Utah. This Spanish smelter was a big break

Hunting in Utah

Timothy Draper has learned how to shoot guns since he was 7 years old. Here he is hunting for coyotes in the MInersville are of Utah

Relaxing Time on the Water

Roy Johnsons and Timothy Draper's family together on the lake to have a good time

Gunsmoke Movie Set

Shaun & Tim ventured out to Kanab to explore the old movie set that was used for the TV Show Gunsmoke

LeeAnn Draper and Chris Jericho

Superstition Mountains

Timothy Draper & Antonio Mendez exploring the Lost Dutchman Mine area of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona

The Standing Rock

This was found in an area that we have found old Spanish activity. The rock is deep in the ground and no signs of modern heavy equipment to move it

Old Symbols Carved in Tree

These symbols are some of the oldest the TIA team has seen yet. The Ponderosa Tree was dated around 500 years old

Spanish Arrastra Found

Spanish Tree Symbols

These symbols can be found in the Uinta Mountains of Utah

Spanish Symbols found be Todd Andersen

Todd found this site and after some research he found that this carving was Spanish

Todd Andresen Metal Detecting

Todd takes a moment for a picture during the filming of the TV Show The Legend of... with Chris Jericho

Spanish Massacre Site of Nevada

Along the old Spanish Trail you can find this panel. Old timers claim that the local Indians killed a small group of Spanish. This panel tells the story

Petroglyphs From Beyond

Checkout this petroglyphs. Aliens? Some think it may be that. What do you think?

There’s Treasure in Those Hills

Metal Detectors are a big tool to use in the field to find lost artifacts

The TIA Team

TIA was researching in the field hunting for the Lost Dutchman's Mine in Arizona

Spanish Cross Debunked

The team after several hours of research was able to determine that the strange rock formation wasn't real.

Field Research

Timothy Draper using a field scope to spot rock monuments in the distance

Chris Jericho and Timothy Draper

This pic was taken while the TIA team was filming the Legend of... with Chris Jericho for the Travel Channel

Spanish Tree Carvings

These symbols can be found in the high mountains of Utah. If you do your research, these symbols will take you to the cache site

Ancient Artifacts

This isn't a bad day to see this many artifacts in one picture

Caving Treasures in America Style

The team followed this cave all the way to the end.

Smelter in the Desert

This smelter is under investigation by TIA to uncover who built it and what they were mining

Camp Site

This was our base camp for 4 days in the high Unita Mountains

Roy Johnson of Treasures in America

Roy join the Treasures in America's team on the back end because he loves to be apart of an adventure

Shaun Fotheringham

Shaun was repelling down this canyon wall in the Canyonlands area of Utah

Technology in the Field

TIA uses all kinds of modern day technology in the field. You have to stay connected in order to research correctly

Shaun Fotheringham Climbing

Shaun was setting up to repel more than 85 feet deep air shaft

The Lion’s Mouth of Utah

It's still a debate on who and when these panel was created. One thing's for sure, it's old and a great place to visit

Cross and Skull

At Parawon Gap in Utah you can find an old Spanish cross and skull near the petroglyphs

Mysterious Artifact from Arizona

A breakfast meeting while discussing the discovery of this artifact

Treasures in America Gear

Got to get your TIA Swag!

Man-Made Rock Structure

The team is still investigating this rock wall. It was found deep in the mountains where only clues of Spanish mining activity has been found


The Treasures in America Team in Northern Utah exploring old mines and some research in Old Spanish History area’s

Timothy Draper | Utah Treasure Hunter and Founder of Treasures in America

Timothy Draper

Voices of the Ancient

This rock formation was found in the Pine Valley Mountains. What do you think it is? Natural or manmade?

Butch Cassidy’s Mark

TIA has investigated the Castle Gate Robbery treasure left by the Wild Butch

Artifact Side View

Here's a side view of the artifact found in Arizona

Treasures in America Spanish Exploration

This is a picture of the team researching an old Spanish site that has many symbols carved in rocks

Stephen B Shaffer and Timothy Draper

These two have been friends for many years and Steve has past on many of his treasure hunting expertise down to to Tim

Treasure Hunting at its Best

Sometimes Treasures in America's team works along with many others at some sites. When you get these many people together with experience, you can get a lot done

Artifact Found in Arizona

This artifact came was found and dated to be over 400 years old

Spanish Symbols in Utah?

If you know where to look and what to look for, you can still find Spanish carvings in Utah


Timothy Draper

Triangle Holes Treasures Symbol

Old Spanish Arrastra

Timothy Draper was explaining how the Spanish used this arrastra to extract silver from the ore

Treasures in America’s Team

Ancient Writing on the Wall

TIA is big on protecting and investigating anything ancient. Please be careful while visiting these areas

Dinosaur Tracks in Utah

Timothy Draper has always been interested in dinosaurs. He had to find these when he heard they were out in Southern Utah

Spanish Symbols in Trees

The Naming Cave Petroglyphs

If you know where you're going and ready for an adventure you may just come across this cave full of petroglyphs

Spanish Symbols in Utah

These rock carvings can be found in Southern Utah close to the old Spanish Trail.

Spanish Rock Carvings

You need to be on the lookout when you come across something like this.

Petroglyphs of Southern Utah

A great site in Southern Utah with many pertoglyphs in the Bloomington area

Antonio Mendez Using Heavy Equipment

Antonio Mendez is TIA's excavator/digger. His 20+ years of experience is very helpful when it comes to treasure hunting

Todd Andresen Gold Panning

Todd is gold panning to see if he can find a source of gold in Southern Utah

Cooking at Campsite

After a long day of treasure hunting and researching, the team made dinner and told some great stories

Campsite Living

The team enjoys sitting around basecamp after a long day of treasure hunting

LeeAnn Draper Camping

LeeAnn loves to get out outdoors to get away from the everyday life

Hieroglyphs of Filmore Utah

This is an amazing site to visit. These rock marking still have Utah talking about that they say and who made them

Antonio Mendez Metal Detecting

Antonio enjoys being outdoors and researching historical sites

Ryan and the Camera

Roy Johnson (Captain) Lake Powell

Roy loves going outdoors and isn't afraid of exploring anything historical.

The Old Yellow Jacket Mines

Shaun & Antonio stopped to take a picture at the old mine. This one is starting to become dangerous to explore

The Right Tools for the Job

To be a treasure hunter, you need the right gear to be successful

Todd Andresen Treasure Hunter

Todd has been treasure hunting over 30 years and he will never stop until he can't venture into the wild any longer

Antonio Mendez Interview

Antonio was asked to be interviewed so they can can ask him what drives him to treasure hunt

Pointer Rock Monument

Monuments like this are great to find because the team can get a date and a direction of the treasure hidden


Drone Footage

Venturing into the Wild

In order to find your treasure you need to find your adventure

Ghost Town

TIA really enjoys exploring old town sites and when you find objects inside, it makes it even better

Climbing to the Top

Shaun always has his climbing gear nearby, just in case he needs it

Utah’s Rock Monuments

Many rock monuments have been found in Utah. Who built them and what do they mean?

Shaun Fotheringham Exploring

Shaun gets an itch to go outdoors and when he does, be prepared to have some fun!

LeeAnn Draper at the Kiln

Even though you may not find LeeAnn outdoors by herself very often, you'll see her with the team while they research and explore

Historical Researching

If one was around, you could get some really good stories and information while the TIA team talks about history and discoveries

The Mysterious Shotput Man of Cedar City

The team is still researching this site and we plan on putting a video together of our investigation. Stay Tuned!

Which Way To Go

While out in the field the team is always trying to guess based on clues which way we should go

Antonio and Shaun Caving

Shaun & Antonio are a team and whenever the team needs some caving done, their the guys to explore

Roy Johnson the Captain

Roy has the knowledge and knowhow to take the team deep into a lake or anytype of water

Petroglyphs and the Drapers

Rainbow Bridge of Lake Powell

Roy Johnson took a large group to the natural bridge found deep in Lake Powell

Ancient Cliff Dwelling

Shaun found this cliff dwelling in Arizona while hunting for the Lost Dutchman's mine in the Superstition Mountains

LeeAnn Draper in Southern Utah

LeeAnn found a petroglyph panel along a dry river bed in Southern Utah

Abandoned Homestead

The team found an old abandoned homestead in Nevada. This is how it looked when the team arrived

Old Tree Stump

Don't let this slip by while out exploring. This tree points a way to a canyon where the team made a discovery

Shaun Fotheringham Climbing

Shaun is getting ready to make a big climb in the desert of Utah

Shaun Fotheringham at Kymit

Shaun visited Kymits headquarters in Salt Lake City Utah to attend a meeting for outdoor gear

LeeAnn Draper Historical Researcher

This picture was taken on the Westside of Zions National Park

Smelter Top View

This smelter was used a lot and you can tell by the inside of the smelter itself.

Antonio Mendez Adventuring

Antonio stopped to think about the clues that he found and where he thinks he should go next

Fun at Lake Powell

You got to fun at while you're out in the wilderness.

Rock Monuments

In this area over 100 rock monuments can be found within 6 miles

LeeAnn Draper

LeeAnn loves coyote hunting and the adventure that comes with it

Ryan and Shaun at the lake

Gunsmoke Movie Set

Shaun and his boy (Bryce) exploring the old movie set on a TIA's Father's and Son's trip

Start Digging

Antonio is setting up to do some digging.

Are We There Yet

You gotta feel some speed now and then and these types of UVTs are just the thing to get out there quickly

Silver City in Utah

LeeAnn and Trae Draper in Silver City exploring this old Ghost Town

Metal Detecting in Nevada

Antonio Mendez exploring the mining area of Nevada looking for lost history

Metal Detecting with Todd Andresen

You can always find Todd out in the field doing what he does best

A Big Discovery

This was one of Shawn's first big discoveries he made with the team. He climbed a huge mountain off trail to find this

Just Arrived in Arizona

Once the team got to Arizona they took a drive to scout out the are before the hike the next day

Exploring the Desert

LeeAnn out exploring and scouting the area looking for anything not natural

Found in Utah

Smelter in Southern Utah

The team is investigating the smelter to gather data for our research


Ancient petroglyphs can be found all over the West

Old Rock Monument

Near the town of Filmore one can find many rock monuments that stretch for miles.

Mountain Meadows Massacre Site

LeeAnn Draper started researching the site as some as the team was contacted by a local News channel.

Shaun Fotheringham UTV

Shaun is always ready for an adventure to areas of unknown.

Climbing in the Slot Canyon

Shaun doing his thing and exploring a hard to reach area

Around Every Corner

You never know what you'll find when you keep your eyes out while exploring