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Timothy C. Draper
Historical Treasure Hunter

"I Seek Out Evidence of Lost Treasures in America"


The die was cast for Timothy Draper’s life before he ever took his first breath. A direct descendant of the legendary Henry Sinclair, known as the Keeper of the Knights Templar Treasure the same family lineage who went from Viking raiders to Scottish lords.  Timothy was born to do extraordinary things and like his forefathers before him, he’s leaving his mark on the world as a modern-day explorer, guardian of long-held secrets, and hunter of lost treasures. When Timothy Draper was just six years old, his father took him on his first big adventure. They camped under the stars and then explored the ancient cliff dwellings of Montezuma Castle. Timothy was smitten with the outdoors. He can still remember the exhilaration he felt being immersed in nature and ancient history at the same time. Clearly, the thrill of exploring was in his blood!




Timothy set out on his first quest at age 16. He wasn’t looking for stashes of gold back then. Instead, he was on the hunt for everything he could find about Western History and exploring old ghost towns. He was also inspired by the stories of courageous Spaniards who journeyed across land and sea in search of gold. The rigorous research Timothy conducted over many years leads him to the realization that, while there are hidden treasures all over America, there is also a vast wealth of lost history still to be unearthed.  


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For almost 20 years, Timothy Draper worked mainly solo as a treasure hunter. As his mentors explained to him long ago: the fewer people involved, the better and silence is the motto. He also learned that treasure hunting is not a life of glamor, excitement, and wealth. The reality was, and still is today, that Timothy spends 90% of his time in libraries, with his head stuck in archives because he knows, the more research prior to an expedition, the greater his chances for success.

Like all hunters who’ve come before him, Timothy had his fair share of rabbit holes, failures, and disappointments but he admits, the hurdles have made him stronger and molded him into the man he is today. In truth, it’s his perseverance and determination that earned him a seat at the table with some of the greatest treasure hunters of modern time, some of whom also became Timothy’s mentors.

In the last five years, Timothy’s solo career has been overhauled into being the leader of a full-fledged treasure hunting team. His mentors have either passed away or are settling into their twilight years and as they do so, many have entrusted their life’s work to Timothy. Personal troves of old maps, secret documents, and decades of research, all pointing the way to literally hundreds of treasure sites, have been handed down to Timothy with the understanding that he will pick up the torch and do right by those who taught him the way.

Treasures in America was born out of Timothy’s need for assistance but also from his grand vision – to create the most diverse treasure hunting team in America. He’s spent the last five years vetting, recruiting, cultivating, and leading a group of exceptional individuals who each have their own unique skill set.

Since working as part of a team, Timothy has had far more successes which in turn, has also gained him notoriety in the hunting community. He’s made appearances on the Travel Channel with Chris Jericho and had numerous feature articles written about his life and his passion. He even appears on a variety of podcasts recounting his most exciting treasure hunting stories.

“There are many treasures still to be found and not all are made of silver and gold,” according to Timothy.  His passion for connection and adventure often spills over into teaching and helping others find their own adventures. If you’re lucky enough to ever have an encounter with Timothy Draper, one thing you can count on is the impression he leaves, but to Timothy, there is no legacy so rich as camaraderie and family.

Timothy Draper | Historical Treasure Hunter -2021

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Timothy Draper has written many articles and treasure stories that can point you in the right direction. There’s lost history and treasures all over America. You just need to know where to look. In his article titled: “The Best Guide to Treasure Hunting,” he mentions serval treasures you can hunt for in your state. All fifty states are listed with many different types of treasures. He also is the CEO and Founder of Treasures in America, an online store that has all the treasure hunting gear you will need for your journey. He also wrote another great article that’s titled: “Complete Guide to Metal Detecting.” This is also a great article to read if you are interested in metal detecting.

Timothy’s passion is lost mines, treasures, buried caches, Spanish history, and urban legends. Timothy believes there is a little truth to all stories, they just need to be researched to find the truth.

Timothy has also made quite a name for himself when it comes to looking for treasure clues. He is more of a treasure investigator, looking for the real clues that will land him a pot of gold. He is always on the lookout for treasure symbols that point the way. Rock monuments are also a great way to know that you are on to a treasure site, Timothy said.



Even though Timothy does hunt for treasures in North, Central, & South America, Utah treasure hunting was and still is his training grounds. From ancient cultures to Spanish explorations and mining operations, Timothy has been researching it all in Utah for over two decades. Utah holds a lot of secrets. The Uinta Mountains contain some of the most famous unsolved mysteries. Timothy has been hunting for the Lost Rhoades Mines, the Lost Josephine Mine, and ancient sites that have not been written about. He has many connections and colleagues in the historical and treasure hunting world. It is not too often that Timothy is not accompanied by serval of his team members and friends.

He says he will not stop investigating until the day comes that he cannot travel anymore.  Just like his mentors before him, he will be looking to pass his knowledge onto someone else. He releases around 40 articles every year and if you want to stay up to date on his journey, you will want to read his treasure blogs.



From Spanish treasure and mines all over the Western states and that is not including the earlier locations that can be found on the Eastern coast. Ancient lost sites and artifacts have been found in almost every state in America. All you need to do is look in the right area. Not to mention outlaw buried treasure, I have researched a story like this in every state. From train, stagecoach, and bank robberies, there is plenty to find.

There are also mobster caches buried everywhere as well. Sometimes it is money and sometimes it is gold and silver. I would also like to mention another one of my favorites, Indian petroglyphs, and structures. If you can find this, you have a great chance of finding arrowheads and other artifacts too.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. You just need to do your homework and that is what this complete guide to treasure hunting article is going to teach you. I will break everything down the best I can to help mentor you to riches.





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