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Best Teknetics Metal Detector | Kid Metal Detecting

Best Teknetics Detectors of 2021

A Guide to Top-Selling Teknetics Products

Documented by Timothy Draper

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Teknetics - Deepest Metal Detectors In The World - Teknetics

teknetics delta 4000 combo metal detector



First Texas Products is a manufacturer of recreational metal detectors used for treasure hunting and consumer night vision products. There are several other companies that they own including Fisher Research Labs, Bounty Hunter, Night Owl Optics, and Nivisys.

The Teknetics brand metal detector was founded in 1983 and accepted into the family of First Texas Products in 1989. This manufacturer has had great success with detectors like the T2, which is one of Teknetics top metal detectors and from there, many other great detectors and accessories followed. Teknetics is known for their ‘easy-to-use’ and powerful engineering. Many detectorists have been remarkably successful with finding treasures like coins, relics, jewelry, gold, and many other valuable metals. Now let’s see what models are the Best Teknetics Detectors of 2021.



If you are a fan of Fisher’s metal detectors, then there’s a good chance you’ll be a fan of Teknetics. I have used many detectors and I feel that the Teknetics products are extremely easy to learn, use, and they are awesome at finding lost treasures. Here’s another key point, PRICE! You can buy a great beginner model for around $150 and the famous T2 sells for just under $500 dollars! For many, this puts the Teknetics detector right up their alley.

You don’t have to break the bank getting started with the metal detecting hobby and if you’re looking for a more advanced, multi-purpose metal detector; I’m sure you’ll find one of their detectors that fits your needs. I’ve heard many stories where detectorists have used their Teknetics detector in areas that have been detected time and time again, and they have still recovered treasures that other detectors have missed. I believe that this is due to the advanced and modern-day technology of Teknetics metal detectors.


Best Teknetics Detectors of 2021


This manufacturer is proud to say that their manufacturing, shipping, and receiving warehouse is in Texas. When you buy from First Texas Products, you are supporting American made companies and employees. Teknetics Best Detectors of 2021.



Fist Texas Products has many years of experience working with people that have purchased their products and love them. After selling many of them myself, I have rarely had customers that have received a metal detector, coils, or other accessories that have been defective. They test their products before they hit the showroom floor and their many years of perfecting their products have paid off.

The warranty on their detectors is 5 years! That’s 5 years that you can have peace of mind knowing that you will not have to worry if your detector does become faulty. This is a remarkable reward for purchasing their products and I can tell you; their team is professional and ready to help you if you ever need them.



To put it bluntly, I think their products are very reasonably priced and made of sound quality. I have high respect for Fist Texas Products and when I’m in the market to buy one of their products, they have never given me a reason not to feel good about my purchase. Not one detector, search coil, or accessory has come my way with problems, damage, or defects. If Teknetics is something you are interested in, you don’t have to worry about warranty, performance, and quality. You can take that to the bank! The Best Teknetics Detectors of 2021 are…




Teknetics T2+ w/ Tek-Point & Pinpointer

Teknetics T2+ Combo Package

Price $549.00

The T2+ is an American made, high-performance multi-purpose professional metal detector, built by Teknetics Metal Detectors. The T2+ was built off the proven T2 classic platform. All the legendary features you’ve come to know and trust from the T2 classic, plus an added Boost Mode for even more depth! This T2+ package comes with everything a seasoned treasure hunter or new to the hobby metal detectorist might need.


Teknetics Alpha 2000

Teknetics Alpha 2000

Price $159.00

The Teknetics Alpha 2000 metal detector is a perfect beginner detector or an addition to your collection. It carries the Teknetics technology and performance at a low price so you can get out there and treasure hunt without breaking the bank. It’s lite-weight and can be used by all and it will help you swing it all day long without tiring out your arm. The Teknetics Alpha 2000 metal detector is easy to learn, turn on the power, and watch the LCD screen for alerts. It’s that easy.




Teknetics Euro-Tek Pro Combo Package

Price $299.00

With the Eurotek Pro you get Teknetics’ exclusive Fe Tone adjustable iron audio. Set the volume of ferrous targets lower than the volume of non-ferrous targets for increased clarity on desirable targets. The Eurotek Pro also has an Iron ID indicator that illuminates whenever the search coil passes over iron, regardless of the discrimination setting. A no-motion Pinpoint Mode assists in target recovery. These features provide a distinct advantage when hunting iron-infested areas.



Teknetics G2+ w/ 11" Coil

Teknetics G2+

Price $449.00

The Teknetics G2+ is one of their best detectors most sold. Teknetics is owned by First Texas Products which is also owned by Fisher and Bounty Hunter metal detectors. All 3 of these metal detecting brands are well respected and well-liked. Many people have not only been impressed by the powerful technology, they have been amazed that the Teknetics detectors and accessories are so fairly priced for what you get.


Teknetics Delta 4000

Teknetics Delta 4000 Combo Package

Price $229.00

The Teknetics Delta 4000 Combo has multiple Notch capability, one-touch Pinpoint Mode, and numerical Target-ID for more precise target identification. It has Discrimination and All Metal Modes and an active on-screen bar graph depth indicator. Easy to use with more features than any other detector in its class. No wonder it’s our best seller! Teknetics is made in the U.S.A. and is known for its technology and performance for a budget that fits almost everyone.




Teknetics Omega 8500

Price $399.00

The Omega has a unique control interface that incorporates both analog and touchpad controls; adjustments are easy to make with one hand. The Omega has three graphics that display information about soil conditions: Fe3O4 bar graph, Ground Phase number and Ground Error indicator. These indicators keep you aware of the ever-changing soil conditions, allowing you to keep your detector perfectly balanced to achieve the greatest possible target depth. If you hunt in difficult soil conditions, the Omega is for you.


Teknetics Tek-Point Poinpointer

Teknetics Tek-Point Pinpointer

Price $129.00

The Teknetics Tek-Point pinpointer pinpoints the exact location of metal objects buried in soil, sand, or dirt. The Tek-Point is a fully waterproof pinpointer, submersible to 6 feet, and is capable of functioning in salt and freshwater. It is very important to have a pinpointer with you at all times, even if your metal detector has a pin-point mode.





Teknetics 15" DD Coil for T2

Teknetics 15” DD Search Coil

Price $85.00

The large coil testing is complete. This 15″ DD coil gives a huge depth advantage over the 11,″ especially when used with the boost or cache modes. The depth is incredible letting you see that deep virgin ground that is out of reach for all other detectors. The DD configuration and speed of the T2 still gives excellent separation for a coil this size.


Teknetics 5" DD Coil

Teknetics 5” DD Search Coil

Price $139.00

This coil makes it easy to reach smaller areas of searching. Compatible Teknetics Metal Detectors for this coil: ALPHADELTAGAMMAOMEGAG2 – ETEKPRO


Teknetics Carry Bag

Teknetics Carry Bag

Price $32.99

Protect your metal detector in style.


Teknetics Camouflage Backpack

Teknetics Camouflage Backpack

Price $44.95

Digital Camo style with padded shoulder straps, multiple pockets, compartments and tie-loops, and an insulated inner pocket ideal for a hydration bladder (camelback style). There are also two outer mesh water bottle pouches. Fan-loyal hunters are going to love to show their colors!


Teknetics T-Shirt

Teknetics T-Shirt

Price $19.99

Green cotton blend t-shirt with the Teknetics logo in front. Available in sizes small to x-large.


Teknetics Cap

Teknetics Baseball Cap

Price $18.99

One-size-fits all. Black with Teknetics logo.


Treasures in America is here to help you in any way that is in our reach. We are just as passionate about treasure hunting and prospecting as you are. Reach out to us today and we will outfit you with the right gear that is within your budget. Best Teknetics Detectors of 2021.

It’s not just a metal detector, it’s a LIFESTYLE. Good Luck. Be Safe. Find Your Adventure.

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  1. I have a Teknetic G2, I’ve had it about 3 years. I mainly dig on the beach, wet and dry sand. I’ve found a ton of stuff over the last three years with it (coins, jewelry, I-Phones,etc) I use the standard stock 11” coil that came with it. I’ve met other beach detectorist on the beach. They all use the mine lab equinox 600 and 800. They tell me to upgrade my detector to a mine lab equinox and I will find more coins and jewelry. Mine lab was a much better machine. Need Help deciding if I should stay with teknetic or switch over to mine lab.

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