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Meet the Treasures in America Team

Bringing you over 100 years of combined experience.

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    Timothy Draper

    Role: Founder & CEO

    The die was cast for Timothy Draper’s life before he ever took his first breath. A direct descendant of the legendary Sinclair’s, the same family lineage who went from Viking raiders to ...

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    Shaun Fotheringham

    Role: Southern Vice President

    Shaun is the official “Director of Awesomeness” and Vice President for the southern division of Treasures in America (TIA). An avid outdoorsman and self-confessed adrenaline junkie, Shau...

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    Todd Andersen

    Role: Northern Vice President

    As far back as Todd remembers, he has always been fascinated with legends of buried treasures. Coupled with his love for the outdoors, Todd’s treasure hunting pursuits were set into motion...

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    Ryan Moreau

    Role: Team Tech & Photographer

    Ryan was called “a young Indiana Jones” during his teen years and that nickname has followed him throughout his life. It’s no wonder he’s compared to a movie character who has an unq...

  • Asset 3@2x-100

    LeeAnn Draper

    Role: Researcher & Assistant

    LeeAnn is both an investigator extraordinaire and a supportive sidekick . She’s been Timothy’s partner through 20 years marriage and loves the outdoors as much as he does. LeeAnn is unri...

  • Asset 2@2x-100

    Antonio Mendez

    Role: Excavator & Chief of Mining Operations

    Antonio was born in Mexico and came to the United States as a young man hoping to make a better life for himself. He worked diligently to master the English language, earned himself a contra...

  • Asset 4@2x-100

    Steve Shaffer

    Role: Archaeologist & Historical Researcher

    Steve, otherwise known as “Doc”, is a treasure trove of knowledge. He grew up in Utah but has traveled far wide in his pursuit of adventure and lost history. Steve has dedicated his life...

  • Roy Johnson of Treasures in America

    Roy Johnson

    Role: Vessel Operator (Captain)

    Roy is the real deal; a bona fide outdoorsman. He does it all and does it with zeal. If you’re looking for him on the weekend, you’d better be ready to gear up for an adventure! If he is...

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