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Meet the Treasures in America Team

Bringing you over 100 years of combined experience.

  • FB_IMG_1511446064470-1

    Timothy Draper

    Role: Founder & CEO

    The die was cast for Timothy Draper’s life before he ever took his first breath. A direct descendant of the legendary Sinclair’s, the same family lineage who went from Viking raiders to ...

  • Asset 4@2x-100

    Steve Shaffer

    Role: Archaeologist & Historical Researcher

    In Loving Memory of Steve, otherwise known as “Doc”, is a treasure trove of knowledge. He grew up in Utah but has traveled far wide in his pursuit of adventure and lost history. Steve ha...

  • IMG-1597

    Shaun Fotheringham

    Role: Southern Vice President

    Shaun is the official “Director of Awesomeness” and Vice President for the southern division of Treasures in America (TIA). An avid outdoorsman and self-confessed adrenaline junkie, Shau...

  • Asset 1@2x-100

    Todd Andersen

    Role: Northern Vice President

    As far back as Todd remembers, he has always been fascinated with legends of buried treasures. Coupled with his love for the outdoors, Todd’s treasure hunting pursuits were set into motion...

  • Marc Hoover Florida Metal Detectorist | Treasures in America Team Member

    Marc Hoover

    Role: Metal Detectorist

    Marc and his wife Gail live in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Marc has been fascinated with treasure hunting since the early days of Mel Fisher’s quest to find the wreck site of the Spani...

  • LeeAnn Draper | Female Treasure Hunter - Treasures in America

    LeeAnn Draper

    Role: Researcher & Assistant

    LeeAnn is both an investigator extraordinaire and a supportive sidekick . She’s been Timothy’s partner through 20 years marriage and loves the outdoors as much as he does. LeeAnn is unri...

  • Asset 2@2x-100

    Antonio Mendez

    Role: Excavator & Chief of Mining Operations

    Antonio was born in Mexico and came to the United States as a young man hoping to make a better life for himself. He worked diligently to master the English language, earned himself a contra...

  • Roy Johnson of Treasures in America

    Roy Johnson

    Role: Vessel Operator (Captain)

    Roy is the real deal; a bona fide outdoorsman. He does it all and does it with zeal. If you’re looking for him on the weekend, you’d better be ready to gear up for an adventure! If he is...

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More About Treasures In America

How It All Got Started



Treasures in America was born with the idea that one person is nowhere near as strong as a few. Power comes in numbers is what known treasure hunter Timothy Draper learned after 20+ years of treasure hunting. Timothy spent 5 years scouting a team that was not only experienced but had integrity, strength, and a passion for the outdoors and adventure. After serval years now, the Treasures in America investigation team is in full force to uncover truths and knowledge of historical treasures.

Not all the work is a fun exciting life in the outdoors. The team is learning that if you want to have success in finding treasures, you need to do your homework and that amounts up to 90% of the time that Treasures in America spends. It’s not odd to find Timothy Draper in the office researching for months on one treasure site. Learning all he can about the history, location, and difficulties that come with treasure hunting.



I would like to tell you that the team always finds a big known treasure like what you see in treasure hunting movies, but the life of a treasure hunter is far more complex than television.  Professional treasure hunter Timothy Draper has a lot of pride in finding lost historical treasure stories that are not taught in schools. He has spent nearly 23 years learning all he could about ancient civilizations lost in America, the Spanish explorations of plundering and mining in America, all the way to outlaw legends and loot lost in the world. Even though most of Timothy Draper’s knowledge doesn’t go further than America, he has many significant treasure stories of Central and South America. Some of these stories date back to the Maya, Aztec, and Toltec civilizations.

Mr. Draper is sure that he will spend the rest of his life researching and hunting after big stories in hopes that once he retires, he can say that he accomplished many things in his life, including making a difference in the world of historical discoveries.  The Treasures in America team is big on preserving the history and they work with many professionals like archaeologists, anthropologists, and more to ensure that their studies can be seen and heard from the public. It is a constant battle that takes a lot of patients from the Treasures in America team.



Of course! Timothy started out with the drive and dream to see and do more than the average person. With his strong people skills and persistence, he was able to earn a spot at the table with other known treasure hunters. In fact, many of his close friends are treasure hunters and they work together on many expeditions.

Treasures in America has started a membership club where you can become a part of the team no matter where you live. Online communication makes it easy to teach, chat, and share ideas, pictures, and videos so Timothy can mentor anyone and prep them into becoming a treasure hunter. There’s another added perk to the membership as well, discounts on treasure hunting equipment. To see more of the Treasure in America membership, click on this link to learn more.



Treasures in America has now opened its online metal detecting and treasure hunting outfitting store to the public so everyone can buy the best professional treasure hunting equipment that the market has to offer. Because the team has spent many years in the field, they know what gear to buy and why. “After 20+ years of being a consumer, I learned what brands and what products last and work for me the best as a treasure hunter”, said Timothy Draper. He went on to say that he has spent tons of money on equipment that breaks or doesn’t perform correctly in the field and now he wants to offer the best prices and the best treasure hunting gear to those that are looking to spend their money right.

That’s why he started the Treasures in America Paid Membership. Everyone that joins the club gets exclusive membership prices on all products and you won’t be able to find this kind of a deal anywhere online or in stores. He has truly created the best way to learn from the best. buy from the best, and save money all at the same time.



Treasures in America has many resources to offer. Their website has a mountain of knowledge. Here’s a shortlist of some things you can see:

  • Treasure Hunting Online Store
  • Talk Treasures with Tim Podcast
  • Treasure and Product blogs and articles
  • Treasure Hunting Shows and videos
  • Yearly Membership Subscription
  • Treasure Hunting Galleries
  • Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting Affiliate Program
  • Partner and Resources

As you can see, Treasures in America has created the best online website by treasure hunters, for treasure hunters. Their hopes are anyone can come to their website and take something away with them. It may be a new treasure site, information on products, meeting new people passionate about metal detecting and treasure hunting, and so much more. You will not be disappointed if you browse the Treasures in America website and online store. In fact, you may just be inspired to get out there and find your adventure. We are here to help, encourage, and give guidance to all that seek it.



The team has been involved in many adventures that create a great way to bring light to the treasure hunting world. They have aired on the Travel Channel and they are working with the Discovery Channel as we speak on a couple different projects. Television is great for the Treasures in America team to create awareness of what they do, what they look for, and how they do it. They also like to show off their top gear so everyone can see what the team prefers to use.

They have also been aired on many podcasts like “Talk is Jericho”, “American Diggers”, and many others. You can find their shows on the “Shows Page” of their website.

Timothy Draper is also proud and excited to tell you that he has started his own podcast show and that listeners from around the world can now hear of his adventures in treasure hunting, metal detecting, and prospecting. This is truly a great way to hear of his passions and adventures along with many stories of lost treasures that await those who are strong enough to seek them. You won’t want to miss it. The team also has its own YouTube Channel where they talk about products and their stories so viewers can see what it’s like in the office and out in the field.

To answer this question, I’ll answer with a question. Is there anything that the team doesn’t do? New projects are popping up all the time for Treasures in America and the best way to stay involved and to see it for yourself is to follow them on social media and stay tuned to their website. New articles and blogs are released every week and now their YouTube and Podcast will also create new content every week as well.

Don’t be a stranger, reach out to Treasures in America today to get involved. They’re eager to have every one of you come along in the quest for knowledge, adventure, & passion.


Good Luck. Be Safe. Find Your Adventure. ~ Timothy Draper