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Superstition Mountains Arizona


Day 1

Almost everyone either knows or has heard of the Lost Dutchman Mine. It is said to be one of the most famous treasures in America. The legend says there are millions of dollars in gold in those mountains. Treasures In America spent several months researching and planning this trip. Here’s our story.

It started out as an exciting day for us all on February 25th 2016. We had a 7 hour drive ahead of us and we wanted to start early. We arrived at Shaun’s house at 7:30am in St. George Utah. This was our first stop for the day. Todd, Ryan, Shaun and I were the first to meet up. We loaded the truck and made our way to Mesquite, Nevada. There we met up with Antonio and made our way down to pick up Dave in Logandale, Nevada. At this point, we split into two separate trucks and we were on our way to Apache Junction. The drive there was full of excitement and anticipation, we discussed our individual plans and got pumped up while listening to our favorite music. We made a few stops along the way to do a little site seeing and to fill our stomachs. I felt very excited to see the town I grew up in, it’s been years since I’ve been back to Phoenix Arizona. After a few hours of guy talk and singing along with many songs on the radio, I knew we were getting close to where we could see the famous Superstition Mountains from a distance. I kept saying, “Pretty soon guys, it’s coming up here. Pretty soon.”

When we saw it for the first time, it was like there was already a feeling of accomplishment. We’ve arrived! “We did it, we’re here boys,” I said. When we arrived to our base camp, we were greeted by my cousin Courtney, who had set up the two trailers for us. He had back surgery that morning, but was determined to see us and show us how to work and manage the camping trailers. We were set up, for sure, the most comfortable base camp I have ever had in my treasure hunting days. After an hour or so of unpacking the trucks we headed to the grocery store to buy enough food to last us the next few days. That night, we sat around the camp fire and planned out the next day. We had a very aggressive trip planned and we needed to stay on task and reach our goals if we were to see and research everything we had planned for. This was a scouting trip for us and that meant we needed to get to know the area, and also put some legends and theories to the test. “Time for bed boys. We have a lot to do tomorrow.”


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