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Treasures in America is THE place to come for all your Security and Police Applications.

We specialize in everything metal detectors. Law enforcement and private security detectors are right up our alley. We carry hand-held metal detectors, security walk-through gates, ground search metal detectors, and the accessories you need to do your job correctly. Ask one of our specialists how we can help outfit you with the right metal detector to do your job.

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Whether it’s schools, airports, courthouses, or state buildings, we want to help protect them all.

Keep law and order in our communities by using the right security and high-quality police metal detectors. America is worth protecting and so are the people. Treasures in America offers all the latest and greatest metal detectors that will allow our peace enforcement personnel to perform their duties to the highest possible standards.


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Law Enforcement and security metal detectors are the best deterrents against criminal activity. Ninety percent of crime goes down when cameras, security officers, and security equipment is present at events, private buildings, and even in public areas. Common places where security metal detectors can be used are: churches, schools, offices, warehouse buildings, public events, concerts, and much more. The same goes for government and state buildings, courthouses, and airports, where we need security the most.

Treasures in America provides a wide range of police and security detectors and accessories. We also carry the best brands in the industry. We have all the metal detectors that will fit any job that lies ahead. Metal detectors like: compact security wands, police ground search metal detectors, police waterproof metal detectors, walk-through security gates, and more.





Timothy Draper, Founder and CEO of Treasures in America has spent over 20 years working with metal detectors. Not only is he a treasure hunter that uses metal detectors to locate artifacts and lost treasures, but he also spent over 6 years as a regional manager with Securitas Security. Securitas Security is one of the largest private security companies in the world that provides top-notch officers and equipment. Tim was promoted to head of security before his security license and training were complete.

From there he was given all of Securitas’s new contract security jobs in his region. His duties were to train and monitor over 35 security officers along with deciding what security equipment was needed for these new locations. He evaluated the new contracts, hired and trained new security officers, and designed security procedures for security contracts like Family Dollar distribution centers, high-end subdivisions, Walmart distribution centers, movie theaters, etc. He takes pride in designing and organizing the right security methods and equipment needed to deter criminals from breaking and entering, keeping the public safe, and maintaining law and order.

Tim has passed this knowledge down through his company and personnel so we can be known as the experts of this field. If you need help designing and choosing the right security or law enforcement equipment please contact us today.





Every event and/or place of business has different needs for security. It depends on if it’s a weekend event or if you are a business trying to keep your loss protection to a minimum. You need to decide what type of security you are working towards. The same goes for law enforcement. Are you a police officer on the beach working on a crime scene and you need a waterproof detector? Or are you looking for a bullet at a crime scene from a drive-by shooting?

That’s why Treasures in America has a variety of security and law enforcement metal detectors. We hope that no matter what your job is, we will have the right detector for you. Our experts are ready to help you decide what you need, and we’ve created a website that makes it easy for you to browse our selections by brands, categories, and more.





There are many reasons to have all the above. I think the best way to explain is to list some reasons below so you can see if our metal detectors fit your need. This list is not limited to any type of security or law enforcement needs. This is a list of some ideas where our metal detectors and accessories could come in handy.


  • Airport Security
  • Police Departments
  • Courthouses
  • Schools
  • Loss Protection Departments
  • Concert Events
  • City Events
  • Law Enforcement (Crime Scenes)
  • Business Office
  • Warehouses
  • Department Stores
  • Search & Rescue
  • Detective Departments
  • Private Security
  • State and Government Buildings




First, you need to evaluate what type of security you need. Most types of security already have a protocol that you follow, but if you are designing a new site, we can help you with that as well. There are many security advisers out there that can be professional help when it comes to designing the right security needed. We at Treasures in America will do the best we can to help you fill that need.





This is a question we get all the time. What is the best metal detector for me? The best way to answer that is, there is no right answer. If you are a business dealing with loss protection, you most likely need walk-through gates and wands. How many entrances and exits do you have? How many employees do you staff? What is your budget?

There are so many scenarios for every type of need. We can help you narrow that down and we can assign one of our professional staff members to assist you in completing your task.

A rule of thumb for metal detectors is, the more money you spend on a metal detector, the better it will perform. Metal detectors are not a trend. It is not a brand value. It is a performance value. The more you spend, the more performance options you will get. That choice is yours to make. We at Treasures in America will be here to help outfit you with the best within your budget.


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