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Riverside Nevada: The Place that Time Forgot

We were out for the weekend riding four wheelers and exploring the mountains near Mesquite Nevada. It was a cool day around 78 degrees with little wind. Nevada landscape has much to offer in wonders but the land in this area is different. It’s rocky, full of large boulders in the area that just don’t seem to belong. LeeAnn and I knew the area had mining activity so the only way for us to make it an adventure was to explore and cover some ground. This trip, it was just me and my wife, LeeAnn. It was our 18th year anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to get out of town, rent a hotel room at the Casablanca Casino, and explore the desert.

We really enjoy taking the four-wheeler out for a ride, and we’ve always liked hopping in the car and taking a drive to places we’ve never been before. There’s much to be found just by getting off the couch and exploring and that’s how this adventure happened. We had taken a good ride covering quite a few miles on the quad and we decided to load up and head to town so we could check into our room. When we arrived at the Casablanca, they told us it would be another hour before our room would be ready, so we decided to travel down a road that LeeAnn has never been on, the Riverside road that heads South to Bunkerville, Nevada. 
I have heard from locals that if you head to the mountains from this side of town there’s some petroglyphs, mines, and ghost towns to be found. After about 8 miles south of Mesquite, we drove over a bridge at the Virgin River, a place they call Riverside. Off to the right we both noticed a heavy overgrowth of trees, and a few homesteads could be seen through the vegetation. We were surprised to see that this was an abandoned area that was really peaking our interest. We drove the short distance to the main entrance and as we neared it, we both felt that spooked feeling you get before entering a mysterious, unknown place. The main entrance was not accessible to enter by vehicle, but one could easily walk through. We looked at a few of the signs hung on posts and none of them said “No Trespassing,” only “No Hunting,” so we decided to go on in and check it out.
Once we entered the grounds and got back into the housing area, we could see that there were many items left behind by the people who had dwelled there. There was so much STUFF! People’s actual belongings were scattered everywhere; there were kids toys, chairs, dressers, stoves, clothes, baby furniture, food still sitting in the refrigerator and more! It was a silent moment as we explored very carefully, stepping lightly, feeling almost afraid to talk any louder than a whisper. I think we were half expecting to run into some homeless people that were living there, or maybe even a dead body. Within about 10 minutes, I felt like I was on the movie, ‘The Hills Have Eyes.’ It really was a creepy feeling with all the stuff laying around. We found canned food and oil cans. We came a across a room that looked to be a hobby room, or an arts and crafts room with items still on the shelves. We found modern objects along with very old objects. It seemed to us that the area has been around for many time cycles and had been used for multiple purposes in the past century.
We continued to explore around the area so we could make sense of what, who, and why this place had existed. We found a car that had been destroyed on the backside, we even discovered that the power lines had a meter that was still turning like there could be power there. We decided we’d been there long enough, and left the area to return to our hotel. It was such a mysteriously peculiar place and I  couldn’t stop thinking about it after we had left. I had to come back to show a few of the other team members. A couple days later I came back with Shaun and Dave to show them. They felt the same way as my wife and I had felt upon entering the location.  All in all, it was an interesting find and we are glad we came across this interesting piece of history.  Keep your eyes out for lost history, you may find it even when you don’t expect to.
No one from Treasures In America disturbed or took anything from this site. We respected the area and whomever may or may not own it. Please be careful and look for no trespassing signs when you enter sites like this. Have fun and make your discovery. 

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