Whites MX Six Shooter 6″


Whites MX Six Shooter 6″ | Search Coil Addition

Concentric 6″ Search Coil for MX Sport and MX7.

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Concentric 6″ Search Coil for MX Sport and MX7. Provides better separation between targets in moderate to high trash areas and excellent pinpointing. Compared to larger search coils… improved sensitivity to physically smaller metal targets provides improved performance in moderate to high trash and a physically smaller footprint for working around obstacles. Impressive depth for a smaller coil with high sensitivity to small targets like earrings and cut coins. Flat-bottom construction for maximum depth and slim profile.


A metal detector coil, also called a search coil, is a coil of wire at the end of your metal detector. This is the part of the metal detector that you sweep along the ground to discover metals hidden beneath the surface. The coil is probably the most essential part of your metal detector, as it detects metals and treasures underground.

How Does a Search Coil Work? 

A search coil works by transmitting an electric current, which creates a magnetic field between itself and the ground. When the magnetic field bounces back towards the metal detector, the search coil receives the information and analyzes it. The electrical impulse will change if it comes in contact with metal, which then alerts the search coil that metal is present. If metal is found, the search coil will send an alert through the control center, which lets you know it’s time to dig!


You can’t use just any coil on any given metal detector – most metal detectors only work with coils from the same manufacturer, so a Whites coil probably won’t work on a Bounty Hunter metal detector. Some metal detectors operate with various frequencies, however, so it is possible in many cases to switch out metal detector coils.

Some detectorists purchase search coils to replace damaged coils, but you can also upgrade your coil or buy a separate one to detect at a different frequency. In this way, metal detector coils are interchangeable for certain models. Be sure to check the compatibility of a search coil with your specific metal detector before making a purchase.

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