Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer


Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer | A Must Have Product

Treasures in America did conduct a field test with the Bullseye TRX and we were impressed. We found that the pinpointer would find all the metal it should including gold. Another interesting fact is that it was targeting items from 3-5 inches away while some pinpointers need to be closer to their target.

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White’s Bullseye TRX pinpointer is the perfect companion to your metal detector. Locate valuable coins, rings, jewelry, gold, and relics! When you’ve located a target and dug the hole, use the Bullseye TRX Pinpointer to precisely “pinpoint” the target. No tuning. Completely automatic. And one of the few pinpointers that can accurately detect small gold. Powered for up to 20 hours on two AA batteries or a single 9-Volt battery.

The Bullseye TRX’s area of detection is concentrated around the tip, making it easy to zero in on the target. This feature along with the ones below makes the Bullseye TRX the most complete pinpointer on the market.
Waterproof to 10 feet. IP 68 Certified

We carry many different brands of pinpointers and we know that we can find the right one for you. The TRX pinpointer is a very impressive pinpointer and is very important for every detectorist to have. It’s true, the metal detector will find your target but you really need a pinpointer to find your target fast and correctly. You will save time by using a pinpointer and frustration for sure. Metal detect like the pro’s and shop for your pinpointer today.

If you have any questions about the Whites Bullseye TRX pinpointer or any other pinpointer, please reach out to our experts and customer service department and we will be glad to help you. With all the different options in the metal detecting world today, we believe that outfitting the hobbyist with the right equipment that fits their budget is the right way to do business. Don’t hesitate, buy the Whites Bullseye TRX today. You will be glad you did. Rest assure that Treasures in America have the lowest prices you can find in America. We have the knowledge, experience, and the passion to help you and to get you out doing what you love and quickly as possible.

Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer Owners Manual

Additional information

Weight 4.0 lbs

12 kHz


2-AA or 1-9V

Battery Life


Audio Output

Beep and/or Vibrate

Ground Balance



To 10ft (3m)


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