Minelab Equinox 11″ DD


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Are you wanting to upgrade your Minelab Equinox? This coil will do the job and take your detector to a whole new level. The EQX 11″ is a double-d smart coil that will help you discover more treasures. Reach out to our customer service department to learn more. We will help outfit you with the right tool for the job and we will keep your cart within your budget. Let us know how we can help you today.

The waterproof 11-inch round Double-D coil provides good all-round performance for general detecting. It provides a good balance between sensitivity, weight, and ground coverage. The EQX 11 coil weighs 510g with the included protective skidplate, bringing the total weight of the EQUINOX detector to 1.34kg with the EQX 11 attached.​

No matter what you’re searching for, Treasures in America has a search coil to help you uncover your next treasure. We offer an extensive inventory of search coils to fit different brands, models, targets, and more.

Our dedicated customer service team is available to help you find the right search coil for your needs. Whether you need a replacement coil or you’re looking to upgrade, Treasures in America has metal detector coils to fit your needs and the expertise to guide you in your purchase.


A metal detector coil, also called a search coil, is a coil of wire at the end of your metal detector. This is the part of the metal detector that you sweep along the ground to discover metals hidden beneath the surface. The coil is probably the most essential part of your metal detector, as it detects metals and treasures underground.

How Does a Search Coil Work? 

A search coil works by transmitting an electric current, which creates a magnetic field between itself and the ground. When the magnetic field bounces back towards the metal detector, the search coil receives the information and analyzes it. The electrical impulse will change if it comes in contact with metal, which then alerts the search coil that metal is present. If metal is found, the search coil will send an alert through the control center, which lets you know it’s time to dig!

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Weight 5 lbs