Minelab Excalibur NIMH Battery


Don’t let battery power hold you up with your MInelab Excalibur II. Expand your journey with a new or extra battery.

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Minelab Excalibur Metal; Detector

Fits EXCALIBUR series metal detectors (except the original EXCALIBUR).

The Minelab Excalibur is truly a great metal detector. That’s what we feel you need the most out of your batteries. Don’t go out with a half-dead battery from age and time, exchange your old batteries or carry an extra battery for weekend hunting trips.

Never run out of battery life on your metal detector. Treasures in America provides all the metal detector batteries you’ll need, so you can find one to fit your metal detector of choice. Whether you need a replacement battery or you’re stocking up to keep you metal detector running consistently, you’ll find whichever metal detector battery you need here at Treasures in America.


Each metal detector is different in terms of efficiency and how it uses its battery life. Some of the latest metal detectors have a longer battery life, while older models or less advanced metal detectors may not last as long on one set of batteries or one charge.

Generally speaking, the batteries in your metal detector should last about 20 hours, although the lengths vary. How long your metal detector batteries survive also depends on how frequently you use your metal detector, as well as the type of batteries you choose.


Using metal detector headphones can increase your battery life, as less energy is expended in alerting you via headphones rather than out loud. If you’re recharging your battery, be sure not to overcharge it, as this will only harm battery life in the long run.

Some believe that taking the batteries out of your metal detector when you aren’t using it will help them last longer. If you’re replacing batteries, replace them all at once – mixing old batteries with new ones can cause leakage or rupture. We also recommend carrying spare batteries with you in case your metal detector ever runs out of battery while you’re treasure hunting.

Contact Treasures in America for help finding the right batteries for your metal detector. Our team of treasure hunters is happy to help our customers find the right products for your needs or answer any other questions you may have. To learn more about the manufacture please take a look at its website.

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