Minelab CTX 06 Smart Coil | For CTX 3030.

Take the Minelab CTX 3030 to a new level with the 06 Smart Coil. Don’t let treasures pass you by.

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If you are looking to lighten your metal detector or use a smaller coil to search in harder to reach the area, then the Minelab CTX 06 Smart Coil is a great choice for your Minelab CTX 3030. Many people have different options for coils. I for one, like using big coils. I feel like they cover more ground and the extra weight doesn’t bother me. That being said, I use smaller coils in water and in high vegetation areas, those harder to reach areas with a bigger coil. Never-the-less, we can all agree that the smaller coil is easier to swing all day and some people really prefer them. I myself really like carrying a could different size coils with me on my hunts. I feel that it come to be very beneficial to have a couple of different choices when you are out in the field.

The waterproof 6-inch round Double-D coil is very sensitive to small targets and perfect for finding treasure in high trash areas. It is also ideal for maneuvering in difficult terrain. A protective skidplate is included.

To find out if this coil is right for you, your budget, and your metal detector, reach out to our customer service depart. We would be happy to outfit you with the item you need.


There are different types, sizes, and shapes of metal detector coils. The most common types of search coils are concentric search coils, mono search coils, double D search coils, and imaging search coils.

Concentric coils are the most common metal detector coils. They consist of two circular coils, one inside the other. The outside coil transmits the electric current, and the inside coil receives the response. Concentric coils are versatile and work well when detecting metals, as they have a symmetrical and balanced field.

Mono search coils are not quite as common, as they are only used on pulse induction metal detectors. These have both the receiver and transmitter on one coil. Mono coils have improved depth and sensitivity, but don’t work as well in mineralized areas that require better differentiation.

Double D search coils are shaped like two back-to-back D’s, and they are good for use in areas with heavily mineralized soils. The shape of this coil gives it better ground canceling capabilities, so there is reduced interference from ground signals. DD coils are often used for relic metal detecting.

Imaging search coils are similar to concentric coils but have more advanced targeting capabilities. They have a third coil that acts as a second receiver and allows for better target sizing and enhanced depth.


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