The Diver Mag 1 is constructed of corrosion-proof urethane and PVC to give many years of trouble-free performance. Modular construction allows for easy field repair, should it ever be necessary. The complete system is covered by JW Fishers TWO YEAR WARRANTY.


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JW Fisher DIVER MAG 1 Underwater Metal Detector

The highest performance diver hand-held ferrous metal detector on the market

The JW Fisher Diver Mag 1 is a top-performing microprocessor-driven marine magnetometer detection system with a one nano-tesla sensitivity. This hand-held mag is a super-sensitive detector of ferrous metal (iron/steel) that works equally well on land and underwater. The mag will locate pipelines, cables, cannons, dredge parts, and just about any ferrous metal object of any size. Ruggedly constructed for commercial operations, the Diver Mag 1 was designed with user-friendly controls for ease of operation. Out of the water, the handle grip makes the mag easy to carry.

Operator selectable cycle times (how often reading is taken) of 2, 5, or 10 seconds allow for a strong return signal and a fast response to detect even small targets. An adjustable sensitivity switch makes pinpointing even the largest of targets extremely easy. The JW Fisher Diver Mag 1 features a triaxial noise-canceling sensor that lets the mag be held in any position without affecting the sensitivity or stability of the readout. The readout is displayed on an easy-to-see 5 digit LED for murky water or night operations. In addition, an audio output allows the diver to operate the system without the need to watch the LED display. Easy to maneuver with operator adjustable buoyancy, the JW Fisher Diver Mag 1 can be used anywhere in the world.

Power is supplied by an internal 12-volt rechargeable battery that will last for two continuous hours at the 5 second cycle time. Increase the operating time by using the optional belt-mounted spare battery pack. The included battery charger connects to any 120 ac voltage source (220 ac charger is optional).


  • Spare 12v battery pack with a belt-mounted underwater housing (Also includes charger): $425
  • Carry Case: $495
  • Dual Underwater headset: $195
  • 220 Vac Charger (Europe): $35


Commercial grade construction, LED and audio readout, audio jack with detachable headphones, rechargeable batteries, and optional “extended operation” belt-mounted extra battery pack.




  • Warranty: 2 Year UNCONDITIONAL
  • Construction: Commercial Grade
  • Sensitivity: One Gamma Sensitivity
  • Range: 1,500 Foot Detection Range
  • Readout: Visual and Audio Readout
  • Audio Output: Audio Jack with Detachable Headphones


Operation and Use


When you receive your JW Fisher Diver Mag 1, it is complete and ready to operate. All you need to do is charge the internal 12-volt battery (charger is supplied) and the mag is ready to go. The Power On switch on the Control Box is turned on and the mag automatically begins cycling. The gamma reading will immediately be displayed in the readout and an audio frequency can be heard in the earphones.

As you approach a ferromagnetic (steel) target, the numeric readout will change and the audio frequency will shift. The amount of change will depend on the size of the target and how close the mag passes to it. A change of several thousand can be expected for a very large target. The Diver Mag 1 can easily pinpoint objects by reducing the sensitivity once a target is detected.

The mag is tuned for your area at the factory and will operate over a very large area (thousands of miles east/west and hundreds of miles north/south) without requiring retuning. The mag can be easily returned in the field for other areas.


  • Dimensions / Weights
    • Diver Mag 1: 44” L x 6” Diameter (35 lbs)
    • Carry Case : 49” L x 21” D x 11” H (50 lbs)
    • Total Shipping: 49” L x 21” D x 11” H (85 lbs)
  • Performance / Descriptions
    • Depth Rating: 200 Feet
    • Cycle Time: 2, 5, and 10 Seconds
    • Maximum Detection Distance : 1,500 Feet
    • Sensitivity (switch selectable) : Resolves 1 Gamma
  • Materials / Color
    • High Impact PVC, Stainless/ Yellow, Black & Grey


  • Warranty: 2 Year UNCONDITIONAL
  • Construction: Commercial Grade
  • Sensitivity: One Gamma Sensitivity
  • Range: 1,500 Foot Detection Range
  • Readout: Visual and Audio Readout
  • Audio Output: Audio Jack with Detachable Headphones

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs


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