Fisher CZ-3D-8


Fisher CZ3D-8 | Coin, Relic, & Saltwater 

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Fisher CZ-3D-8 | Coin, Relic & Saltwater Beach Hunting Specialist

Take the power of Fisher labs with you on your hunt. With the Fisher CZ-3D 8 inch coil you will master the art of finding coins and relics on land or water. Treasures in America metal detectors offer this detector less than they suggest manufacture price which means you can be on your way to finding treasures and spend less.

  • Deep, Accurate –Tone Target-ID
  • Dual Frequency Fourier Domain Signal Analysis, Engineered to Take You to Deep Treasure!
  • Enhanced Target Mode for More Coins & Relics
  • High-Performance Beach Unit – Salt Mode for Wet Sand Operation
  • Superior Depth in Mineralized Soils
  • Operating Frequency: 5 and 15 kHz

Recommended for:
Coin shooting
Relic Hunting
Saltwater Beach/Wet Sand

Fisher CZ-3D-8 inch search coil

Fisher Labs offers a great warranty that is hard to find anywhere else. Some of their products carry a full 5-year warranty on selected products. Fisher Research Laboratory was started by Dr. Gerhard R. Fisher back in 1931. He was a known engineer and inventor and he was the first to patent the metal detector. Like many great businesses today, Fisher started his business in his garage, making the first metal detector right here in the United States of America. Fisher is the oldest metal detecting company in the world and still today Fisher is using technology to build trusted metal detectors and accessories.

Fisher offers different search coils that will work hard for you. Either a gold coil, a smaller coil, and coils that will read deeper in the ground. You can even wear their brand on your clothes with their apparel selection. Fisher really has thought of it all and we believe that they have created a simple way to choose their gear. We offer one of the largest selection of Fisher Labs products. We are not just a company that sells metal detectors, but we are out in the field, testing the products that we sell. For more information from the manufacture please visit their website.

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Weight 10 lbs