Your new premium GPS multi-sport watch and personal trainer. all-in-one. The concept was to allow you to train harder, safer and much more efficiently every day and to be ready for the complex outdoor world.

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COROS brings the luxury of a personal coach, directly into your premium watch that sits on your wrist. Based on a unique algorithm with lactate threshold, the COROS Trainer dials-in your running training every day. It will be split-up into three different stages: Warm Up, Training, and Cool Down. The COROS Trainer will then provide the duration and target heart rate throughout each stage. This is available for both Aerobic and Anaerobic Training modes.

  • Display: 1.1 in. 218 x 218 pixels (64 colors)
  • Materials: Screen- sapphire glass, Bezel- ceramic, Strap- silicone
  • Battery Life: Up to 80 hrs in UltraMax GPS mode. Up to 25 hours in Full GPS mode. Up to 24 days for regular use.
  • Size/Weight: 45.00 x 45.00 x 14.45 mm/50.8 g

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