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Gold Digger Metal Detector

Are you looking for a gold metal detector but you don’t have a big budget? The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger might just be the gold metal detector that you are looking for. With all the necessary gold metal detector requirements, the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger will help you find gold in know time. Looking for gold can be hard and not all beginners want to spend $1000-$8000 to start their new hobby and that’s why Bounty Hunter has made a good name for themselves. Bounty Hunter makes detectors that will last forever and you can start a new adventure with as little as $100 for a metal detector like the Gold Digger. There’s no need to shop around online for better prices. Treasures in America sells all of our products at the lowest prices that the manufacturers will allow.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our experienced customer services department and we will be glad to help you with questions and outfit you with the right metal detector or accessory that fits your needs and budget. Don’t wait for the adventure to find you, go out there and find it. IF you are a beginner and new to the metal detecting world, please browse our website and you can find all kinds of good resources. We carry all the major brands of metal detecting manufacturers and we have blogs, photo galleries, and much more to help you get started.

It’s not just a metal detector, it’s a LIFESTYLE. Good Luck. Be Safe. Find Your Adventure.  Join the fastest growing treasure hunting and prospecting online store in America.

Gold Digger Specs:

  • Automatic tuning and ground balance
  • Power and sensitivity control
  • Trash eliminator
  • Earphones included

To learn more about the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger please visit Bounty Hunter’s website.

Additional information

Weight 7.0 lbs