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Possible New Discovery Made in Southern Utah

Friday 1/19/18

A friend of Treasures in America called Timothy Draper Friday evening to explain how he stumbled across something as he was flying his drone. He mentioned that he may need help because he could have found something that needs more looking into. He started off by sending Timothy his drone footage.. Within a few minutes Timothy could tell that this was an awesome discovery and it may or may not be something every important to his Spanish history research.

Now Treasures in America does not usually share things like this but the team gets asked all the time “What are you guys currently working on?’  To say the least, we do have many secrets that we don’t share with the public but we are working on ideas on how to share without giving away too much information. This is a small insight of the story.

After a good long conversation with the 3rd party person (friend of TIA’s) Timothy decided that the best thing to do is get out there and collect some evidence of the site. We came up with a plan and found the best way into the site.  We have a lot of equipment and it’s very important to go with the best route possible. It took some 4 wheel driving and some off-trail hiking but we were able to get to the site without any problems. Once at the site, we did take many pictures a long with setting up the drone to get a birds-eye-view of these large man-made structures. 


As of now, we are still working on finding facts. Some kind of data that we can look at and feel confident to move forward on this project. Questions like:


  • Was it made recently?
  • How old is it?
  • Why was it constructed?
  • Could it be link to something important?
  • Could it be connected to lost history?

Moving Forward

The Treasures in America’s team will continue to work on this project until we feel that the questions have been answered or until we debunk the mystery at this site. We are bring in the teams Archaeologist Steve Shaffer to further examine the structures. We will give updates as we find more. If anyone has any information they would like to share with us, please contact us and we’ll get back to you.
Remember, discoveries happen all the time. Always keep your eyes out for anything that doesn’t seem natural. If you do find something, please do not disturb the area and seek out help. Find your adventure and get outdoors.

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