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Metal Detecting Garrett Beach Women

Garrett Ace Apex Multi Flex

The Newest Metal Detector On The Market 2020

Documented by Timothy Draper

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Garrett Ace Apex Metal Detector

 Garrett Ace Apex | Multi Flex

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Garrett has successfully created the newest metal detector on the market, the Garrett Ace Apex |Multi Flex. Most of my blogs come from information that I’ve collected from the manufacturers and personal sales experience, but this time, I wanted to write about my opinions and thoughts of this detector.

To start off… Wow! I really like the style, color, and the light-weight of this detector. The first thing I noticed was the display screen. It reminds me of the XP Metal Detectors brand; thin and high-resolution graphics. I am big on style and functionalities when it comes to metal detectors and the Apex caught my attention right away. The next thing I noticed was the ‘Multi-Frequency Technology.’ I’ve been using many multi-frequency metal detectors lately and I feel when it comes to metal detecting for relics, coins, & caches, I really prefer multiple frequencies for sure.

Garrett Ace Apex |Multi Flex runs frequencies from 5, 10, 15, 20 kHz and it also has the multi salt mode as well. Again, I would say that I am impressed! Price is also an important factor. I have been known to use high-end metal detectors that are not cheap, but I am extremely interested in learning and using metal detectors that perform well at a great cost. The Apex starts at $424 without headphones and $492 with wireless headphones. That is another win for Garrett. Treasures in America has noticed that over half of our customers are looking for what we call “mid-grade” detectors for around $500 or under and many of the same questions are being asked…

Will it perform well?

Will it detect targets deeper than 6 inches?

Will it find relics and coins?

Can I use it to hunt for a variety of different types of targets?

Garrett Ace Apex Metal Detector


I will tell you, the answer to those questions are yes, yes, yes, & yes! I really do feel that this metal detector will appeal to many detectorists. Not only will it NOT break the bank, but it will also perform very well and I believe that this detector might even come to be desired as much as the Minelab Equinox series, Nokta Anfibio Series, and the Fisher Research Labs F75, Fisher Goldbug Series, and many more. It is that cool!

A few more things you may want to consider are that this metal detector only weighs 2.5 pounds. That is extremely light, and I think most people will be able to swing this detector much longer than a heavier one. Some people may be able to hunt all day long and not wear out their arm, but there is a big difference (more than you might think) from a 2.5-pound detector to a 6-pound detector. For me, this detector is so light, I forget that it is even there. That is extremely nice when you have a full-day trip planned or even a full weekend of metal detecting and treasure hunting.

Because there are so many great aspects of this detector and I could write about it all day long, I decided to only highlight a few of the functions in this article, but trust me, there are many more. I figure I will give you the information and let you decide if the Garrett Apex is the right detector for you. The following will hopefully help you understand more about the Apex and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service and sales department. The Treasures in America team is happy to talk about detecting and treasure, and we would love to help outfit everyone with the detector that fits your budget with the functions and options you are looking for.

I would like to invite you to watch this video from Garrett about the Ace Apex Multi-Flex. I feel that they did a great job explaining and showing consumers an inside look of this new detector.

Elevate Your Detecting to The Next Level

Garrett Apex Wireless Headphones

The Garrett Ace Apex | Multi-Flex is said to be released in July of 2020 and Treasures in America is taking pre-orders for this metal detector. We feel that the Apex may have so much interest that we are suggesting everyone to pre-order to help the waiting time and having your name on a long list the release of the Minelab Equinox series.

Garrett Ace Apex | Multi Flex Functions and Options



Garrett designed a great new look to the Garret family but still included that easy-to-use screen functions. The Garrett Ace Apex | Multi-Flex metal detector uses 4 different frequencies so you can enjoy your metal detecting hobby even further. Time has shown the multi-frequency detectors have done very well out in the field. Some detectorist believes that multi-detector is the only way to go. Pre-Order yours today right here at Treasures in America.

Comes With The New 6” X 11” DD Viper Search Coil w



Direct drive buttons for most frequently used controls. Easy-access menu adjustments for other variety of targets.


Zero, Coins, US Coins (with coin icons), Jewelry, Relics, and Custom


Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to approximately 15 hours of use, depending on the setting. Mini-USB charging cable included.


Garrett’s unique feature helps to correctly identify complex iron objects, such as bottle caps. The Apex target audio provides the simplicity of binary audio (found on existing ACE detectors) with the additional benefits of subtle proportional audio for faint targets.


Twenty pixels of Notch Discrimination, including 8 pixels of Iron.


For both the built-in speaker and headphones.


1/8” JACK for optional wired headphones.


Up to 6 times faster than Bluetooth. Hunt without the cords!


The Garrett Ace Apex | Multi Flex metal detector is the newest metal detector available today. If you need help finding the right multiple-purpose detector for your needs, contact Treasures in America. We are passionate about treasure hunting and are happy to offer resources, guides, and more product information.


It’s not just a metal detector, it’s a LIFESTYLE. Good Luck. Be Safe. Find Your Adventure.

Shop at Treasures in America. The Fastest Growing Metal Detector store in America. 



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