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10 Best Metal Detectors for Beginners in 2021

Best Beginner Metal Detectors for Under $500

Documented by Timothy Draper

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As a metal detectorist myself, I feel that it’s very important to have all the correct information when it comes to buying a detector, especially when you’re new to the hobby. There’s a lot of things to take into consideration when deciding which metal detector is right for you. First off, what’s your budget? How much are you wanting to spend? Luckily, beginner detectors are usually one of the lowest-priced detectors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something of value with it. As a beginner, it’s completely okay to start out with an inexpensive detector and in fact, I recommend it for a couple of reasons. The detectors I’m about to go over are all under $500 and tend to be easier to learn how to use. I feel they’re meant to help you get a feel for metal detecting if you’re new to the hobby. It’s a good rule of thumb not to jump in with hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a detector until you know what you want and what you are comfortable within the treasure hunting world.

Research the brands out there. – It’s like buying a car. Are you a Chevy, Ford, Dodge, or Toyota person?  I suggest you consider the following to narrow down what is the best detector for you.


Bounty Hunter Nokta / Makro
Minelab Detectors Fisher Detectors
Garrett Detectors Teknetics Detectors
Whites Electronics Quest Detectors

Decide what kind of treasure hunting you want to do. Are you a person that wants to go to the beach? Perhaps you want to detect parks, looking for rings or jewelry left behind by others before you. You could also search old ghost towns, old mining claims, or even underwater looking for pirate treasure. I’m going to list some categories for research.


Treasure Detectors Underwater Detectors
Relic Detectors Advanced Detectors
Coin Detectors All-Purpose Detectors
Beginner Detectors Gold Detectors
Kid Detectors Beach Detectors

Now your budget. Only you can decide how much to spend on your new hobby. For beginners, you can buy a new detector for as low as $69 to $500.


Let’s go to the good stuff now. Which detector is good for you? The following detectors have been carefully handpicked for beginners in consideration of detectors that are easy to use, have high ratings from other detectorists, and the cost was considered along with brand ratings.


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Minelab Vanquish Series

Minelab Vanquish Series 

Release Date in 2020

Beginner Detector – All-Purpose – Relic & Coin – Ghost Town Hunting

Price: 4 Models from $199-$499

Minelab’s new VANQUISH offers uncompromising performance — and it won’t break the bank. Simple yet powerful, it’s perfect for anyone starting out or stepping up their detecting game. With ground-breaking Multi-IQ technology, multiple Find Modes, lightweight collapsible design, and much more this is the detector you’ve been waiting for.



Nokta Simple +

Nokta Simplex +

Beginner Detector – All-Purpose – Relic & Coin – Ghost Town Hunting

Price: 2 Models from $254 – $340

You cannot afford a high-end detector, but you simply want extreme depth and basic features of a high-end device? Need a waterproof detector at an affordable price? If you said yes to one of the above, SIMPLEX+ is the sole choice that covers it all. We are proud to offer our first entry-level detector, the SIMPLEX+, which makes quality metal detecting available and affordable for all users.


Garrett Ace 300

Garrett Ace 300

Coin Hunting, Competition Events, Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting

Price: $255

Garrett has placed big features into the ACE 300—Digital Target ID, better detection abilities, a new audio system, and more. For a price that can’t be beaten and features at an unbeatable price! This detector is so powerful with excellent detection depth and easy to use functions.



Whites TREASUREmaster

Whites TREASUREmaster

Beginner Detector – All-Purpose – Relic & Coin – Ghost Town Hunting

Price: $370

Maximize your treasure hunting at an affordable price with the TREASUREmaster. Unlike the preset ground balance on most comparable metal detectors, TREASUREmaster’s true Automatic Ground Balance adapts to ground conditions as you hunt for increased depth and sensitivity to small targets.



Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro

Beginner Detector – All-Purpose – Relic & Coin – Ghost Town Hunting

Price: $199

High-end features in a mid-range detector. The Lone Star Pro comes with an 8″ waterproof concentric coil with LCD display and touch-pad operation. Features include adjustable sensitivity and discrimination, 9 target ID categories, a graphic target depth indicator, and a multiple Notch system. The stem is fully adjustable and includes a locking collar.


Fisher Detector F44

Fisher F44 Detector

Beginner Detector – All-Purpose – Relic & Coin – Ghost Town Hunting

Price: $310

The Ultimate Weatherproof Multi-Purpose Metal Detector. The Fisher F44 Metal Detector is the best model in the Latest F series from Fisher Research Labs. Discover the benefits of unparalleled features at this absolute bargain price. This Fisher model includes a back-lit-display screen making it easier for you to hunt in low light conditions.




Teknetics Delta 4000

Teknetics Delta 4000

Beginner Detector – All-Purpose – Relic & Coin – Ghost Town Hunting

Price: $200

The Delta has multiple Notch capability, one-touch Pinpoint Mode and numerical Target-ID for more precise target identification. It has Discrimination and All Metal Modes and an active on-screen bar graph depth indicator. Easy to use with more features than any other detector in its class. No wonder it’s Teknetics best seller and has been for many years. Don’t miss out on finding your treasure.



Minleab X-Terra 705 Gold PackMinelab X-Terra 705 Gold Pack

Gold Prospecting – Gold Nugget Hunting

 Price: $500

The X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack is designed for quick assembly, efficient mobility and features a lightweight, balanced frame allowing you to detect for longer. The small, robust 18.75 kHz Double-D Elliptical coil is perfect for finding small gold nuggets. Find different sized gold at different depths by changing to other 18.75 kHz coil sizes.


Nokta PulseDive Pinpointer 2-in-1


Nokta PulseDive Scuba Detector 2-in-1 Set

Scuba – Diving – Relics – Underwater

Price: $161

THE BEST ADDITION TO YOUR DETECTING GEAR! Whether you are a professional diver, a vacationer or simply a detectorist who loves to search both on land and underwater, the PulseDive 2-in-1 Set will be the best addition to your gear this year! Buy your today and continue. on to your adventure under the water



Whites XVenture Kids Metal Detector

Whites XVenture Kids Detector

Kid Detector – All-Purpose – Relics

Price: $120

Get out there and have a treasure-finding adventure! White’s XVenture metal detector has all the basics you need to make finding hidden treasure fun for the whole family. Whether it’s the ultimate Easter Egg hunt, searching for buried pirate treasure, or just exploring the history of your own back yard, & is perfect for beginners of all ages.

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  1. Hello! For me the best detector is the XP DEUS 1 and 2.
    The lightest (700 gr), wireless, waterproof (20 meters), powerful up to 80 khz, multi-frequencies up to 40 khz (D2), upgradeable by updates etc …

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