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Nokta Gold Kruzer Review

Nokta Gold Kruzer Review

2021 Review of the Nokta | Makro Gold Kruzer

Documented by Timothy Draper

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Nokta | Makro Metal Detectors


Nokta Makro Gold Kruzer



When it comes to looking for gold, there are many things you should consider if you want to be successful. It makes a big difference whether you are looking for gold artifacts, or gold flakes and nuggets. If you’re looking for gold artifacts i.e. coins, jewelry, relics, etc.… then I would suggest the same thing that I always do, do your history, and choose an area that has a higher chance of finding it. Places that might be more likely than others are old church grounds, known hunting grounds, sports stadiums, frequently used paths in wooded areas and even battlefields. There are other places you can look for gold relics that are more commonly thought of like in the park, at the beach, camping sites, and playgrounds, and don’t forget to hit up ghost towns if you have a chance.

When it comes to hunting for pure virgin gold, that’s a little different. First off, you need the right gold detector. The gold detector you choose may be programmed to look for larger pieces of gold while others look are intended for smaller pieces of gold. The Nokta Gold Kruzer was created to look for smaller gold nuggets which can often be a more common find if you’re searching in the right place. The Western states have the most natural gold bearing locations and that is where I think you should be if that’s what you’re looking for. Location, location, location! You’ve heard the term before, but have you heard it said about treasure hunting and metal detecting? Now you have.



In 2001, Nokta | Makro started up in Istanbul, Turkey and has been conducting business from there since. Nokta quickly began making a name for themselves, becoming known for high-performance metal detectors and accessories, specifically from the detectorists that used their products. Since then, they have become a global business and have started business in North America. Even though their headquarters are still in Turkey, Nokta has established a satellite office here in America.

Within the past few years, Nokta selected many known detectorists to try out several of their detectors, myself being one of them, and off they went. Now, many people are reaching out to me asking my opinion on the Nokta brand. I own 3 of them myself and without a doubt, I always take at least one of the Nokta detectors with me on every outing, as well as a few from my other brands. I have discovered that Nokta detectors do extremely well in high trash areas. That’s why I wanted to write this article about the Nokta Gold Kruzer Review for 2021, so you can see if it will be a great fit for your hobby.



Without a doubt, I have sold more Gold Kruzers than any other Nokta detector. Even though Nokta has many popular detectors, including the Nokta Anfibio Multi, Multi Kruzer, Nokta Simplex and many more, the Gold Kruzer is leading by far in sells. I think the answer to why that is, is simple… Who doesn’t like the idea of striking it rich? Another likely reason is because the Nokta Gold Kruzer is easy to use and has modern-day gold technology that has aided in so many discoveries of the precious metal: GOLD!

I’ve had so many detectorists express to me how much they love their Gold Kruzer, and I think that is especially important. The metal detecting community should decide individually what is best for them; price, technology, performance, design… all these things are measured by the consumer.


Nokta Gold Kruzer Waterproof Review


Some of the reasons the Nokta Gold Kruzer is so popular are its features. Is it waterproof? Yes! It’s fully submergible in water up to 15 feet… fresh water, salt water, it dosen’t matter! Take it wherever you need it. If you can get to it, the Nokta Gold Kruzer can detect it. Another thing to consider is that it doesn’t just find gold, you can still detect additional metals like silver, iron, and many others. The Gold Kruzer is excellent for gold, but you are not limited to just that.

The Gold Kruzer operates at a 61kHz frequency, which happens to be in a great range for discovering gold. Some other metal detector manufacturers have stayed within the 40kHz – 60kHz and it seems that Nokta found the “sweet spot” for their technology because it’s been proven to be successful through many detectorists finding what they’re looking for, GOLD!


THE NOKTA | MAKRO GOLD KRUZER – Nokta Gold Kruzer Review 2021

Price $636.65

Nokta Makro Gold Kruzer

The Nokta Makro Gold Kruzer has a high rating from customers and prospectors alike. Even though the Kruzer was designed to find ridiculously small gold nuggets, the Nokta Gold Kruzer is a great detector for gold relics as well. The Gold Kruzer is not limited to locating only gold in the ground, but also coinsrelics, and objects that other all-purpose detectors can locate. The Gold Kruzer does it all, and you don’t have to stop at the water either, because the Kruzer is a fully submersible metal detector up to 16 feet (5 meters).

Unlike most gold metal detectors, the Nokta Makro Gold Kruzer was designed to find very small gold nuggets. Typically, you would have to spend thousands of dollars to have a high-frequency gold hunter detector, but Nokta has taken gold prospecting to a new level with the affordable Gold Kruzer.

Operating at 61kHz high frequency, the Gold Kruzer will bring hunted out gold fields back to life by offering the best sensitivity to the tiniest nuggets.


  • Fully submersible up to 5 meters (16.4ft.)
    Protected from total dust ingress.
  • Excellent Discrimination and Unmasking Ability
    Just detect those wanted gold targets and ignore iron.
  • High Performance & Unmatched Depth
    Uncover deep gold nuggets or micro jewelry other detectors simply cannot detect.
  • 4 Search Modes
    Gen (All Metal) / Fast / Boost / Micro


Nokta Makro Gold Kruzer in Africa

At Treasures in America, we are here to help you with your metal detecting purchase. We sell all the major brands that we feel are in high demand and reliable. If we don’t use it, we don’t sell it. Our sales and customer service department are always ready to help you and we make it a point to listen to our customers. We offer services and products within your budget. We feel that is especially important to know your budget and to help you understand what you are getting for your money. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to help you get started with your new discoveries and adventures. Nokta Gold Kruzer Review 2021.


It’s not just a metal detector, it’s a LIFESTYLE. Good Luck. Be Safe. Find Your Adventure.

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  1. What settings should we use for wet sand beach detecting? The Simplex balanced fine in wet sand but the gold cruiser doesn’t. You have to take GB to 00 to make it quiet. Which is the best mode for the beach?

  2. What is the set up for the GC when searching wet salty sand at the beach
    I have to set the GB manually to 00 to keep it quiet.


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