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Garrett Metal Detector the Best Detector

Top Garrett Metal Detectors 2021

What Are The Best Garrett Metal Detector Products?

Documented by Timothy Draper

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Women Metal Detecting the Beach Garrett Metal Detectors 2021

Top Garrett Metal Detectors 2021

Garrett Metal Detectors could possibly be the most known name in the metal detecting community. For many years, Garrett has seemed to dominate the detector world and I believe there’s a good reason why. I don’t think it is marketing or a fancy new website, I think it goes a lot deeper than that. When I first started metal detecting and treasure hunting back in the 1990s, I researched for the best metal detector I could afford for several months.

After I visited websites, blogs, and forums, and received and read over my brochures, I had narrowed it down and decided that Garrett or Whites metal detectors were my top two choices. At the time, Whites seemed to be my first choice, but Whites metal detectors also appeared to be more complex than Garrett. Because I was new at metal detecting, I was worried about buying a detector that I might not understand or use because it was possibly too advanced.

I ended up deciding to buy a Garrett Metal Detector and I can tell you still today, I am glad that I did. It was extremely easy to use, understand, and all my hesitation and worries were gone after the first few minutes of playing around with it. It was so easy to use, my first trip I found many different artifacts. Some of the items I found were 6” inches deep in the ground and happened to be almost 100 years old. Garrett certainly made my beginning treasure hunting experience amazingly simple.




Garrett AT MAX Metal Detector 2021

Are the New Garrett Metal Detectors Easy to Use?

A common question many new detectorists find themselves asking is, “Are the new Garrett Metal Detectors easy to use?” The answer is Yes! Garrett metal detectors have changed over time, but they have kept the models similar in function and still easy to use. I can use a Garrett detector that was made in the early 2000s, and then use a new Garrett metal detector today, and I’m telling you there would not be a big difference in how they function. Garrett Metal Detectors have not changed much except for their technology and performance. They are now better and more reliable than ever but still easy to use for beginners all the way to advanced detectorists. In fact, many detectorists I know today prefer using Garrett detectors. They use them faithfully and have had great outcomes and discoveries.


Is Garrett Metal Detectors Creating New Products?

In May of 2020, Garrett announced that they were coming out with a new model for the Ace Series. The Garrett Ace Apex | Multi Frequency Metal Detector. Many people are extremely excited about this metal detector because once again, Garrett has created a new detector that has even better performance, is lightweight, and easy to use at a very affordable price. How can you beat that? Many other metal detector brands are doing the same thing as well, creating easy to use, affordable metal detectors. I think Garrett has set the stage in that class. Here is an article I wrote about the Garrett Ace Apex. Click on this link to read more.


Top Garrett metal detectors 2021

Why Should I Buy a Garrett Metal Detector Product?

Here are a few more things to think about as you are considering if you would like to purchase a Garrett product. On top of the reasons that I have already mentioned above, Garrett technology is also known for multipurpose detectors. Here’s a list of what types of metals and where Garrett does well in discoveries.

Coin & Jewelry Hunting

Relic Hunting

Cache Hunting



Garrett Technology works very well in these types of environments, but they are not limited to these locations and destinations.

Ghost Town Hunting

Competition Events

Beach Hunting

Fresh Water Hunting


As you can see, Garrett Metal Detectors and accessories will help you find treasures in almost every type of location and treasure hunting adventure. Here’s another factor they have going for them, warranty! Garrett has a 2-year warranty on their detectors and that is very comforting to know that you can buy one of their detectors and if something happens to it, it will be covered. Garrett metal detectors customer service staff are professional and ready to help you. I feel confident to say that you can’t go wrong with investing in a Garrett product. I use them and I will stand behind them as a great detector brand.

I think I’ve covered everything that I felt was most important to share with you on my opinion of Garrett and now I think we should get to the top-selling detectors and accessories. Garrett is made in America and they are proud to say so. If you need any help, we are here. The Treasures in America team would be more than happy to outfit you with the best product that meets your needs and is within your budget. Contact us today to see how we can help.


Top Garrett Metal Detectors 2021

Top Garrett Metal Detectors 2021

Top Selling Garrett Metal Detectors and Accessories of 2021


Garrett AT MAX For Sale

Garrett AT MAX

Retail $722.46

Garrett AT MAX is our most versatile and advanced all-terrain VLF metal detector. With increased detection depth, built-in Z-Lynk Wireless Technology, and many other improvements, AT MAX helps treasure hunters push their limits to the MAX!



Garrett Apex Wireless Headphones

Garrett Ace Apex

Retail $492.96 with Headphones or $424.96 with no headphones           

The Garrett Ace Apex has designed a great new look for the Garret family but still included those easy-to-use screen functions. The Garrett Ace Apex | Multi-Flex metal detector uses 4 different frequencies so you can take your metal detecting hobby even further and enjoy every minute of it. Time has shown that the multi-frequency detectors have done very well out in the field.




Garrett GTI 2500 + Eagle Eye Package


Garrett GTI 2500 + Eagle Eye Package | Treasure Hound

Retail $1,104.92

A top-of-the-line imaging detector, loaded with exclusive features like TreasureVision imaging, allows you to spend less time digging trash and more time digging treasure. Highly recommended for Coin hunting, jewelry hunting, relic hunting, cache hunting, prospecting, ghost town hunting, dry beach/freshwater hunting




Garrett Ace 400

Retail $339.96

The Garrett ACE 400 is a Garrett Metal Detector that includes advanced features like Iron Audio, Digital Target ID, and Frequency Adjust to help you dig more treasure and less trash.





Garrett AT Gold

Retail $637.46

The Garrett AT Gold is an All-Terrain Gold Finder metal detector that is a hot product and is known for the affordable price and its top-performance for finding gold.  You can search for gold nuggets with the Garrett AT Gold in every environment, including freshwater too!




Garrett ATX Deepseeker Package

Garrett ATX Deepseeker Package

Retail $2,46.56

The Garrett ATX is the ultimate multi-frequency detector for all terrains and extreme conditions (highly mineralized ground, saltwater, etc.). It features advanced pulse induction technology, a durable design that meets military specifications, and a new DD coil design for extreme and uniform sensitivity from tiny gold pieces to larger gold nuggets.




Garrett Ace 200

Garrett Ace 200

Retail $169.96

Garrett Metal Detectors have been a favorite of many detectorists for years and the Garrett Ace 200 is perfect for anyone. Beginners have used the Garrett Ace 200 for entry-level purposes because the price fits almost everyone’s budget and because the Garrett Ace 200 is made to last and perform better than most metal detectors in its class.




Garrett Pinpointers


Garrett Pro-Pointer Z-Lynk

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk

Retail $144.46

The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk is Garrett’s number 1 top-selling pinpointer. With the Lynk technology, you can connect your AT pinpointer to any Garrett metal detector that has the wireless Lynk option.



Garrett AT Pro-Pointer

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT

Retail $127.46

This must-have detector has been designed as a well-built pin-pointer called the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT! It’s true, you can try to metal detect without a pin-pointer, but you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration with the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT.




Garrett Search Coils


Garrett 4.5” COIL (AT)

Garrett 4.5” Coil (AT)

Retail $93.46

This waterproof coil easily locates coins, rings, and other treasures among the trash and in tight places that are too small for larger coils. Use this to find smaller, shallow targets in trashy or confined areas.


Garrett 4.5” COIL (ACE)

Garrett 4.5” Coil (Ace)

Retail $72.21

Waterproof 4.5″ Search Coil from Garrett, Designed for Garrett ACE Series and CSI 250.



Garrett 7"X10" COIL (ACE)

Garrett 6.5”x9” Coil (Ace)

 Retail $76.46 

 Standard Search Coil for ACE 300, ACE 250, and ACE 200 metal detectors.



Garrett 9”X12” COIL (AT)

Garrett 9”x12” Coil (AT)

Retail $118.96

This waterproof coil will help you scan more and find deeper targets!



It’s not a metal detector, it’s a LIFESTYLE. Good Luck. Be Safe. Find Your Adventure.

Top Garrett Metal Detectors 2021! Written By Timothy Draper

To learn more about Garrett Metal Detectors, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

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