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Garrett Metal Detector Treasure Hunting Metal Detecting

Garrett Ace Metal Detectors

Perfect For Beginners But POWERFUL Enough For Advanced Detectorist

Documented by Timothy Draper

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Garrett Metal Detectors


Garrett Ace Series Metal Detector Treasure Hunt


For a very long time, Garrett Ace Series metal detectors have been one of THE most popular and most sold metal detector brands and models on the market. There are serval great reasons why that is, and I’m going to break it down and explain them to you in this article.

For starters, price! Garrett makes several models of the Ace Series and they range from $169.96 – $492.96. Those prices fit almost everyone’s budget and that is half the battle. The second thing is the performance! Wow! Garrett is one of the oldest metal detector companies on the market and they have thrived on designing high functioning, multi-purpose, & high-performance metal detectors. Many detectorists will agree that Garrett Metal Detectors are one of the most sought after detectors out there.

I would say the final reason is the “easy-to-use” functions and menus. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced detectorist, or anywhere in between, the Garrett Ace metal detectors are easy to learn and use.


Garrett Ace Series Metal Detector Beach Hunt


Garrett has created 4 different Garrett ACE Series metal detector models, so there are plenty of options for the user. All of them have the same basic options: discrimination mode, depth and target indicator, sensitivity, etc. But when you purchase a higher model, you will get even better options and performance. Even their lowest Ace model, the Garrett Ace 200, can outperform other detectors in its class.

So, no matter if you are in the market for a $150.00 detector to a $500.00 detector, Garrett has created an option for you. Garrett just released the Ace Apex metal detector that is creating some awesome feedback and excitement from many detectorists. The Garrett Ace Apex is the highest Ace model that Garrett makes and the multi-frequencies have turned the heads of many.

As you can see, Garrett metal detectors was very smart to create serval models that run on the same options and when you spend more, you get more.



Garrett Metal Detectors is a worldwide leader in the metal detecting industry. They work in research, development, manufacturing, and training of both hobby, and security metal detecting gear. Garrett is committed to quality and customer service. They strive to make their products affordable and accessible for their customers without sacrificing the excellence of their products.



Garrett Electronics, Inc. (“Garrett Metal Detectors”) warrants that each piece of detection equipment manufactured by Garrett is protected by the following limited parts and labor warranty for a period of 24 (twenty-four) months from the date of purchase, with the following exception: the Sea Hunter Mk II, which is covered for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of purchase. During this 24-month period, Garrett will inspect and evaluate all equipment returned to its authorized repair station or factory to determine if the equipment meets Garrett’s performance specifications. Garrett will repair or replace at no charge to the owner all parts determined faulty. This Warranty does not cover batteries nor any and all failures caused by abuse, tampering, theft, failure due to the weather, battery acid, or other contaminants and equipment repairs made by an unauthorized party.


Garrett Ace Series Metal Detector Relic Hunt


Now that we’ve covered the basics of the Garrett Ace Metal Detectors information, I would like to give you as the reader more information about each separate Ace model and individual pricing. As a metal detectorist myself, I would like to add that I’ve had a Garrett Ace metal detector for the last 20 years. My first ever metal detector was a Garrett and now I own 3 of their models, along with my other metal detector brands and models.

I think it’s particularly important to own at least one, whether it’s your primary detector or a secondary because Garrett makes detectors that you can always rely on. Even if becomes a third or fourth detector in your collection, you won’t regret having it around. If you are a beginner, I strongly suggest considering a Garrett Ace metal detector. I know it will be easy for anyone to learn, and you’ll be out finding your treasures in no time. Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty of each Ace model.






Garrett Ace 200 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 200

Price $169.96

Garrett Metal Detectors have been a favorite of many detectorists for years, and the Garrett Ace 200 is perfect for anyone. Beginners have used the Garrett Ace 200 for entry-level purposes because the price fits almost everyone’s budget and the Garrett Ace 200 is made to last and perform better than most metal detectors in its class. Learn More


Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 300

Price $254.96

It’s time to take it a step further than the Garrett Ace 200 and move to the Garrett Ace 300. The Garrett Ace 300 is designed much like the Ace 200, but it has more features for better results and performance. First and foremost, you can enjoy free accessories when you buy the Ace 300. The bigger features and unbeatable prices of the Garrett Ace 300 make it one of the best sellers in the Ace Detector family. Learn More


Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 400

Price $339.96

The Garrett ACE 400 is a Garrett Metal Detector that includes advanced features, like Iron Audio, Digital Target ID, and Frequency Adjust to help you dig MORE treasure and LESS trash. Get the performance you would expect at a price you won’t expect. Eliminate or minimize interference caused by electrical sources or from other metal detectors (e.g., crowded club hunts, rallies). Iron Audio allows you to hear discriminated iron (normally silenced) to avoid digging undesired flat iron targets such as bottle caps or washers. Learn More


Garrett Ace Apex Metal Detector

Garrett Ace Apex

Price $424.96 – $492.96

The Garrett Ace Apex has designed a great new look to the Garret family but still included those easy-to-use screen functions. The Garrett Ace Apex | Multi-Flex metal detector uses 4 different frequencies so you can enjoy your metal detecting hobby even further. Time has proven that the multi-frequency detectors have done very well out in the field. Some detectorists believe that a multi-detector is the only way to go. Pre-Order yours today, right here at Treasures in America. Learn More







Find your next adventure with top Metal Detectors from Treasures in America. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality metal detectors to professionals, recreational treasure hunters, and all other adventure enthusiasts looking for a fun activity. Our metal detectors are the best on the market, and we offer various other resources that will help our customers on their treasure hunting journey!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help in any way we can. Treasures in America is all about adventure and we want you to enjoy this hobby as much as we do! So don’t hesitate to reach out, we are quick to take action because we understand the passion to want to get outdoors and make a new discovery.

Garrett Ace Metal Detectors -2021 | Treasures in America

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