Superstition Mountains, Arizona

We set out on a 5 day adventure to research and explore the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine.

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Old Iron Town, Utah

In 1868 this town was born and the iron mines started producing. We took a day trip to go explore the kiln and the ruins left behind

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Lions Month, Utah

There’s many different options on how old and who created this site. But one things for sure, It’s a big part of history and it’s a cool place to visit

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Gun Smoke Movie Set

You can visit one of gun smokes movie set in Kanab Utah. There’s only a few building still standing and their in bad shape but it’s still a great place to go see. Watch out for snake in the area.

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South Of Mesquite Nevada

This great panel can be found if one take a dirt road and head off in the sunset. Some treasure hunters believe it points to a burial site of Spaniards killed by Indians.

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Shotput Man

There’s a few that have done the research on this site and most that have believe it will lead you to fortune and glory

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Spanish Smelter

An old Paiute story led us to this. They claim the spanish found 2 rich silver mines in Southern Utah

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