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Treasures in America Meeting

Robbers Roost Hideout (Butch Cassidy)

This is all that's left of the famous outlaw hideout. This was filmed during our TV appearance on the Travel Channel

Chris Jericho and Timothy Draper

This pic was taken while the TIA team was filming the Legend of... with Chris Jericho for the Travel Channel

Chris Jericho and Timothy Draper

Two men from different backgrounds on an adventure to find Butch Cassidy's gold

Stephen B Shaffer and Timothy Draper

These two have been friends for many years and Steve has past on many of his treasure hunting expertise down to to Tim

New Graves Site at Mountain Meadows Massacre

Shaun and Tim headed out to find and investigate the new found grave sites of the Mountain Meadows Massacre Site

Antonio Mendez Interview

Antonio was asked to be interviewed so they can can ask him what drives him to treasure hunt

Shaun Fotheringham Exploring

Shaun gets an itch to go outdoors and when he does, be prepared to have some fun!

Timothy Draper with the Filming Crew

The filming crew hired by the producer for the Travel Channel episode stopped to pose for this picture

Todd Andresen Treasures in America

Todd stopped to check the map. This needed to be done due to the team venturing over 100+ miles in the middle of know where

LeeAnn Draper and Chris Jericho

Treasure Hunting at its Best

Sometimes Treasures in America's team works along with many others at some sites. When you get these many people together with experience, you can get a lot done

Mountain Meadows Investigation

This picture was taken while Timothy Draper was filmed for a paranormal investigation by the Spirit Stories Team

Chris Jericho, Timothy Draper, & Stephen Shaffer

The three took a picture after 3 long days of filming for the Travel Channel

Todd Andresen Metal Detecting

Todd takes a moment for a picture during the filming of the TV Show The Legend of... with Chris Jericho

Filming Shaun Fotheringham

Shaun was interviewed for a Motivate Me podcast. He was asked questions about what inspires him

Butch Cassidy’s Mark

TIA has investigated the Castle Gate Robbery treasure left by the Wild Butch

St. George News Interview

The local News interviewed Timothy Draper about the Mountain Meadows Massacre site and its history

Butch Cassidy’s Name

This is a photo of Butch Cassidy's name written