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Rock Monuments

Look at how many rock monuments are on this hilltop

The Standing Rock

This was found in an area that we have found old Spanish activity. The rock is deep in the ground and no signs of modern heavy equipment to move it

Man-Made Rock Structure

The team is still investigating this rock wall. It was found deep in the mountains where only clues of Spanish mining activity has been found

Utah’s Rock Monuments

Many rock monuments have been found in Utah. Who built them and what do they mean?

Pointer Rock Monument

Monuments like this are great to find because the team can get a date and a direction of the treasure hidden

Spanish Cross Debunked

The team after several hours of research was able to determine that the strange rock formation wasn't real.

Rock Monuments

In this area over 100 rock monuments can be found within 6 miles

Field Research

Timothy Draper using a field scope to spot rock monuments in the distance