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Old Mine Exploration

The Mammoth Cave

Prospecting and Mining

Treasures in America's always on the lookout for sources of gold and silver

Smelter in the Desert

This smelter is under investigation by TIA to uncover who built it and what they were mining

Shaun Fotheringham Climbing

Shaun was setting up to repel more than 85 feet deep air shaft

The Old Yellow Jacket Mines

Shaun & Antonio stopped to take a picture at the old mine. This one is starting to become dangerous to explore

The Draper Kids

Here's a picture of Jada, Mesa, and Trae Draper while out with their dad, Timothy Draper exploring this old smelter

Antonio and Shaun Caving

Shaun & Antonio are a team and whenever the team needs some caving done, their the guys to explore

Caving Treasures in America Style

The team followed this cave all the way to the end.

Timothy Draper and the Lost Mine

Tim found this mine while out exploring the vast wilderness of the Pine Valley Mountains

Exploring the old Shaft

Shaun Fotheringham climbing down to explore the old mine shaft

Yellow Jacket

Exploring an Old Mine