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Roy Johnson (Captain) Lake Powell

Roy loves going outdoors and isn't afraid of exploring anything historical.

Roy Johnson the Captain

Roy has the knowledge and knowhow to take the team deep into a lake or anytype of water

Beer Time!

You always have to stop and take a break during a long day of exploring. We traveled over 110 miles on Lake Powell in a boat on this date

Rainbow Bridge of Lake Powell

Roy Johnson took a large group to the natural bridge found deep in Lake Powell

Fun at Lake Powell

You got to fun at while you're out in the wilderness.

Ryan and Shaun at the lake

Exploring Canyon Lake in Arizona

We had to go explore Canyon Lake while we were in the area. Timothy Draper is pointing out a cave opening to Shaun Fotheringham

Relaxing Time on the Water

Roy Johnsons and Timothy Draper's family together on the lake to have a good time