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Around Every Corner

You never know what you'll find when you keep your eyes out while exploring

Strange Rock Carvings

These carving can be found in Utah. What do they mean? The TIA team has a theory that it could be a map of the mountain tops in the area

The Standing Rock

This was found in an area that we have found old Spanish activity. The rock is deep in the ground and no signs of modern heavy equipment to move it

The Lion’s Mouth of Utah

It's still a debate on who and when these panel was created. One thing's for sure, it's old and a great place to visit

Voices of the Ancient

This rock formation was found in the Pine Valley Mountains. What do you think it is? Natural or manmade?

Ancient Writing on the Wall

TIA is big on protecting and investigating anything ancient. Please be careful while visiting these areas

Hieroglyphs of Filmore Utah

This is an amazing site to visit. These rock marking still have Utah talking about that they say and who made them

Mysterious Artifact from Arizona

A breakfast meeting while discussing the discovery of this artifact

The Naming Cave Petroglyphs

If you know where you're going and ready for an adventure you may just come across this cave full of petroglyphs

Ancient Cliff Dwelling

Shaun found this cliff dwelling in Arizona while hunting for the Lost Dutchman's mine in the Superstition Mountains

Utah’s Rock Monuments

Many rock monuments have been found in Utah. Who built them and what do they mean?

Timothy Draper’s Discovery

Tim is holding a Spanish Sword that was found in the high mountains of Utah

The Mysterious Shotput Man of Cedar City

The team is still researching this site and we plan on putting a video together of our investigation. Stay Tuned!

Pointer Rock Monument

Monuments like this are great to find because the team can get a date and a direction of the treasure hidden

Artifact Side View

Here's a side view of the artifact found in Arizona

Spanish Massacre Site of Nevada

Along the old Spanish Trail you can find this panel. Old timers claim that the local Indians killed a small group of Spanish. This panel tells the story

Petroglyphs and the Drapers

Ancient Artifacts

This isn't a bad day to see this many artifacts in one picture

Linked to the Spanish Silver Bars

After many years of investigating, the team was able to find many clues to the lost silver cache in Southern Utah. This Spanish smelter was a big break

LeeAnn Draper in Southern Utah

LeeAnn found a petroglyph panel along a dry river bed in Southern Utah

Ivins Petroglyph Area

The Treasures in America's team exploring the petroglyph site of Southern Utah

Rock Monuments

In this area over 100 rock monuments can be found within 6 miles

Petroglyphs of Utah

These sites need to be protected and if you happen to visit one, stay of the symbols and don't touch them, chaulk them... Leave them as they are

A Big Discovery

This was one of Shawn's first big discoveries he made with the team. He climbed a huge mountain off trail to find this

Found in Utah


Ancient petroglyphs can be found all over the West