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Fisher Metal Detectors Accessories 2021 - Review

Fisher F19 Review 2021

High Performance Coin & Relic Metal Detector

Documented by Timothy Draper

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Treasure Hunting With a Fisher Metal Detector



Fisher Research Labs F19


Fisher F19 | 2021 Review


There is something special about the Fisher F19 metal detector that I didn’t know about and that’s why I decided to do a review on it. The Fisher F19 is one of Fisher’s best and top-selling metal detectors. In fact, I’ve seen retailers jack up the price because there is so many sold. Why is that?



Fisher Research Labs metal detectors are already one of the top dogs in the metal detecting market. They created high-performance metal detectors and accessories at a very affordable price. Fisher metal detectors have also been in the metal detecting business much longer than many other brands. I would say that their targeted audience for metal detectorists would be a reliable detector that is easy to use, successful in finding treasures, at an affordable price.

That’s another thing, if you love hunting for gold, coins, and relics and you want to spend less than $700, then the Fisher brand is something you would want to investigate. Fisher metal detectors started in 1931 and are known as one of the most trusted metal detectors on the market. You can do some simple Google or YouTube searches and within minutes find results of happy customers that really like their Fisher metal detector.

I always suggest Fisher to everyone. Their 5-year limited warranty beats every metal detector manufacturer on the market and their customer service department is great to work with. I can tell you as a Fisher retailer, I feel that Fisher’s reputation of well-built detectors is true. Out of hundreds I’ve sold, there have been only a couple of defective detectors shipped out to my customers. Whatever Fisher Research Labs is doing in its design and warehouse seems to be working.


Fisher F-19 Details


The Fisher F19 with the 11” DD search coil is my favorite model of the F19. I really like the DD coil and I feel that it is the key to finding more relics, coins, and other types of treasure. That’s one of the Fisher F19 strong points, relics & coins. This metal detector is a coin & relics finding monster and it will help you be more successful in the field than some of the other detectors on the market. It has an easy-to-use menu screen that’s easy to read and understand the functions and settings.

I think that any beginner and advanced metal detectorist could pick up the Fisher F19 and within minutes, start hunting for the treasures you have been wanting to find. It also has a waterproof search coil to help you hunt on land or in shallow water. It’s not submergible but if you are not planning on going into deep water further than the screen menu, then you will be fine with Fisher F19. Another thing to bring up when it comes to the Fisher brand, many of their metal detectors are great gold hunters even when it’s not called a gold metal detector. All metal detectors will discover gold, but gold detectors are designed to find even more gold. When you buy a metal detector from Fisher, I feel that you get a well-rounded gold detector even when it’s not classified as a gold detector. I believe you get more for your dollar with this metal detector.

It seems that the 19kHz frequency could play a big part in the success that the Fisher F19 has with finding relics and coins. Many metal detector brands and models conduct tons of field research and testing to find the sweet spot and I think Fisher has found the code for this detector. There are many other options and features that the Fisher F19 offers and I am going to list a few things below so you can see for yourself.

Take my advice, if you are looking to hunt for coins and relics and you are in the market for a new metal detector, take a few minutes and investigate the Fisher F19 metal detector. I think you will be incredibly happy that you did. Learn from this Fisher F19 | 2021 Review and make the right decision for you and your hobby.







Fisher F19 Metal Detector 11" DD Coil | Review

Fisher F19 11” DD Search Coil

Price $699.00

Announcing the New F19 with 11″ DD Waterproof Search Coil! This is a high-performance coin/relic detector that comes standard with our 11″ DD waterproof coil and at 19 kHz operating frequency, it will be the best relic detector ever! Conquer iron-infested sites with our Fe Tone – Adjustable Iron Audio, new enhanced V-Break Tone Discrimination system, Notch mode with adjustable Notch Width, and a display backlight on/off feature.


  •         Warranty: 5 Year Limited
  •         Frequency: 19 kHz
  •         Total Weight: 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kgs)
  •         V-Break: Industry’s First Variable Breakpoint Tone Discrimination System
  •         Ground Balance: Computerized Ground Grab®, One Touch Ground Balance
  •         Ground Balance Range: From Ferrite to Salt Water Inclusive

Fisher F19 External Link



If you have any questions and would like to learn more about the F19 or other Fisher metal detectors, please reach out to our sales and customer service team and we would be glad to help you in any way we can. Do your research too. I always suggest asking around and hearing what others are saying about a metal detector that you are thinking about buying. I feel that is especially important to outfit the hobbyist with a metal detector that fits their needs, wants, and budget. If you follow those guidelines, I think you will be much happier with your purchase. Let Treasures in America be your metal detecting company. We care about treasure hunting just as much as you do, and we enjoy helping people with their passion.


It’s not just a metal detector, it’s a LIFESTYLE. Good Luck. Be Safe. Find Your Adventure

Fisher F19 | 2021 Review – Written by Timothy Draper

2 responses to “Fisher F19 Review 2021”

  1. Please help me.
    1)) My target to locate is 12.5 kg. gold bars with dimensions 10.7 inches by 3.72 inches by 2.03 inches for one bar. These are hidden in large tree trunks, inside very large rocks and underground. At what depth can the F19 detect these? under the following conditions:
    a, The rocks may have some iron.
    b. The rocks may be mostly with limestone.
    c. The soil has limestone scattered in the vicinity in the surface. Sometimes there is still limestone below the surface.

    2) Suppose there are four of these bars, wrapped in asphalt and encased in a concreted vault underground. The concrete vault may be about one foot thick. How deep can the F19 detect under the three different conditions above?

    3) Sometimes the bars are inside or under very big rocks underwater. How deep inside the rock or under the rock can it detect a single bar?
    a) rock is in the river
    b) rock is in the sea

    Sometimes the bars are encased in asphalt and concrete inside caves and tunnels. How deep can it detect, if there are ten of such gold bars side by side, underground? Inside a cave or tunnel, can it detect these bars on the walls or ceiling? Sometimes the concrete encasement is more than three meters thick.

  2. Yes. It’ll find that gold no problem. But if the cave is under water that’s also filled with lava then probably not. The lava will definitely cause a few false signals. This detector is lava proof tho, so just don’t get it wet and you’re good to go

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