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Spanish Ship Conquest Conquistador

Spanish Symbols Carved in Stone

Treasure Hunting and Historical Research

Documented by Timothy Draper

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Spanish Symbols Carved in Stone

There’s no doubt that Utah state has many legends of lost treasures, riches to be found, and many Spanish symbols carved in stone but why is that? Utah stories and events have been written record since the Pioneers settled in Utah since the mid-1800s. It has made it easy for researchers and explorers to find plenty of information. Utah is not only a place of beauty and LDS history, but there’s also much more and I will explain that history in a different articles.

Treasure Hunter Timothy Draper | Spanish Treasure Sites


The Spanish left many clues behind and many of those clues are starting to decay and disappear with time. In fact, many tree symbols and rock carvings that I researched 20 years ago are now gone or on their last leg and I know that within my time, only a few will remain. The reason for this is because the Spanish arrived in Central America in the 1500s and made their way further north after that. Some of the symbols and carvings are 200-300 years old and there are only a few trees that live over that time. The same goes for rock carvings depending on if they’re protected from the elements of snow, wind, rainfall, and the sun itself.

Another threat that sometimes is worse than mother nature, is the man. I have seen and heard the greed of man when great historical sites are found. I’ve heard and seen all kinds of destruction to these sites due to some groups that think they are onto something and they start digging under a rock monument thinking that the treasure is under them. I’ve also heard of treasure hunters cutting down tree symbols to display in their homes or sell them to a person for their collection.

The bottom line is, this important information is disappearing and without clues, treasure hunters may not be able to find the treasures that could very much be lost forever.



When I decided to write this article, I wanted to use an area that will not only educate the reader but give an example of what can be found if you are in the right place at the right time. Luck is a much-needed thing for treasure hunters but many times in my experience, I was in the right place due to my research.

In Southern Utah close to St. George there is a place of lost Spanish history that still amazes me today. I believe that this area is incredibly old and could date back to the 1700s. If one were to decipher the code, a lost treasure of untold riches and lost history could be discovered. Here is my story and explanation of this site.

St. George Utah Spanish Symbols

At this site, there are many Spanish rock carvings that can be found and I’m not sure if we have found them all yet. There’s a good possibility that there could be more to find. The symbols seem to make somewhat of a rectangular shape pattern that is not noticeable until the locations of the symbols are pinpointed and then transferred to a topo map and map software. I found this very strange because when the Treasures in America team went out to investigate this location, we followed the symbols one from another and we ended up at the same spot that we started from.

Treasure Clues Show Symbols and a Parallelogram Shape Pattern

This was strange to me because the previous Spanish treasure sites that I’ve searched for in the past, usually do not take me to the starting point. I usually end up in a different location. That’s why I mentioned that there could be more symbols or clues that we haven’t found yet, this site seems to be misleading.




First Pattern of Symbols | Dagger, Cross, and a Pinpointer Marker

This is the first set of Spanish symbols that we came to, and they were quite impressive! I realized that the carvings were cut very deep in the rock. Then I noticed the typical Spanish cross that is usually found when the Spanish were the creators of the treasure clues left behind. Then I saw the dagger that could give a direction to another clue or treasure itself. Then another outstanding symbol was the backward “E”, yet again another great symbol.

To be honest with you, if this were the only symbols that we found that day, I would have been incredibly happy with our discovery, but this was one out of 4 symbol locations.

Spanish Carved Symbols in Stone

Second Pattern of Symbols | Spanish Cross and the Mystery Symbols

This second site of mystery symbols puzzled me a little, but they still proved to be helpful because the Spanish cross carving is excessively big and can be found in the dried riverbed from below. They’re carved on a hilltop and if you didn’t know what you were looking for, you would pass up this set of symbols. You must be standing at the right place and look up the hill about 50 feet to see this next clue. Once we found the cross found down below, we hiked to the top to find more rock carvings. I have to say, I’m still trying to understand what they mean. We followed one of the main symbols which led us to another symbol.

Spanish Cross Utah Treasure

Strange Carvings in Utah

Third Pattern of Symbols | Circle within a Circle Symbol 

On the third set of carvings, I could not see some of them very well because of erosion from many years. We came up to a big circle within a circle carving along with a very smaller one a few feet away. There is also another symbol, but I can’t figure out what it is. After some time of trying to figure out what we were looking at, we decided to use the symbols like the first two sets and decided to follow a direction. We put our backs to the symbols, and we could see a hill in the distance that looked promising.

Ancient Symbols Treasure Clues


Forth Pattern of Symbols | Spanish Cross with a Direction Indicator 

After following a straight line to the next hill, we found yet another set of symbols once again. This set had another Spanish cross and a chicken foot looking symbol and that let us know that we found yet another clue. At this point, I sat down in front of the symbols and I had to think for a minute. I was overly excited about the discoveries and it wasn’t taking too much effort to continue our search. 3 Spanish crosses found let me know that we could be on to something excessively big. I inspected the set of symbols and noticed that they seemed to be the same depth in the rock and about the same age as well.

We tried to decide to either follow the direction of the cross or chicken foot and the team thought that the chicken foot looked more promising but I’m not sure we followed the right symbol this time. It took us almost exactly to the starting point. That’s when I realized that this site was going to need more investigating.

Old Spanish Symbols Rock Carving



Spanish Symbols Carved in Stone Aftermath

When I returned home, I used Google Earth to transfer my pinpoints and that’s when I discovered the rectangular shape pattern from point A-D. I also wondered why we ended up at the starting point when we followed the markers that same way as before. What are these symbols telling us?

I can’t answer my own questions about this site yet because it needs a lot more work to break the code. I do feel that I should go back to the chicken foot symbol and rethink my direction. I also wonder if using a metal detector in this area would be useful. It could be a great way to show different time patterns from other visitors. I don’t claim to be an expert on Spanish symbols either. I have been to many Spanish sites and once you may break the code, but are all the Spanish codes exactly the same?

I can tell you that these symbols are old and the depth of the carvings and the lichen and age in the carvings themselves are old. I almost wonder if they’re the oldest Spanish rock carvings I’ve ever seen… There are so many unanswered questions to this site, and I would enjoy help from others. If you have some experience with these symbols or some insights, I would like to hear about them. You can comment below, and I will get back to you or you can contact Treasures in America through our website.

I hope this article gives you some ideas of what you can find if you are in the right area. Always do your history and don’t just go off the history we are taught in school. You need to think outside of the normal and conduct your own research and history of your area to really find the treasures that are hidden. I know that there is lost history around every corner and no matter what state you live in; I guarantee you that there are many mysteries to hunt after.


Until next time… Good Luck. Be Safe. Find Your Adventure

Spanish Symbols Carved in Stone 2021 | Written by Timothy C Draper

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7 responses to “Spanish Symbols Carved in Stone”

  1. Spanish Wash area has many secrets to tell. A turkey track points the way and a map carved in stone gives the searcher a clue to what it all means. Good work Tim.

    • Thanks Steve. I think it’s time for everyone to learn the history and treasures of America. The possibilities are so vast that all one has to do is research and work hard. History is disappearing with time but I would like to keep it alive.

  2. I have some pictures of some carvings found in Oklahoma that very little people know about I would like you to take a look and tell me what you think.

  3. hello there is a rock “Vikings Rock” it has a date carved on it supposedly in viking scripture, just north of turley, very interesting spot, it says dec 1st 1001 now how accurate the carving is beyond me but i am intrigued by this rock, usually carving in a rock has meaning to it, i want to do diving to standing rock,

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