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Adventure of Treasure Hunting

The Best Guide To Treasure Hunting

Uncover Buried Treasure, Hidden Riches, & Lost History

Documented by Timothy Draper

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This is a complete beginner’s guide to finding structures, treasure symbols, buried treasure, and much more. Become a treasure hunter and discover lost history and riches in your area. Use this best guide to treasure hunting as your treasure bible and it will benefit you. 

Gold Coins | Treasure Hunt





I get asked this question all the time. The answer is, everywhere! Literally everywhere. From Spanish treasure and mines all over the Western states and that’s not including the earlier locations that can be found on the Eastern coast. Ancient lost sites and artifacts have been found in almost every state in America. All you need to do is look in the right area. Not to mention outlaw buried treasure, I have researched a story like this in every state. From train, stagecoach, and bank robberies, there’s plenty to find. 

There’s also mobster caches buried everywhere as well. Sometimes it’s money and sometimes it’s gold and silver. I would also like to mention another one of my favorites, Indian petroglyphs, and structures. If you can find this, you have a great chance of finding arrowheads and other artifacts too. 

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. You just need to do your homework and that’s what this complete guide to treasure hunting article is going to teach you. I will break everything down the best I can to help mentor you to riches. 


Exploring for Treasures and Historical Researching


Of course, it’s real. It may not be exactly the same as an Indiana Jones movie but I have found my last 22 years very rewarding. Keep reading on through this article and within no time, you will be on the right trail to lost history and treasure. This is why I created this Best Guide To Treasure Hunting so you, the reader, can understand more about the life of a treasure hunter.



Treasure hunting is a real deal kind of thing. Some treasure hunters are full-time and some are more hobbyist. 

No matter what you determine is right for you, treasure hunting can be a very rewarding life. It’s important to choose the right path because treasure hunting can be different for everyone. I will explain more of that below in this article. Make sure you pick the direction that you are passionate about because treasure hunting is hard work and it can take years to get it right. 


Treasures in America's Trail



I think there’s more to treasure hunting than just gold, silver, and buried caches. Think of the possibilities. What would you consider as treasure? Perhaps an ancient burial site? Maybe it’s finding a lost mine deep in the woods? I’m going to list a few categories below that I think you should look into in your state. The two questions I get asked all the time is;

What have you found as a treasure hunter?

Can you make a living doing it? 

I’m going to get into that more in this article because I think it is really important that you have all the information before you figure out the answers to these questions. It’s different for everyone. Do you have the money and time? Do you have the strength to take on the task of treasure hunting? We’ll see if you are willing to take on this fun and exciting life.


Off Road Exploring The Best Guide to Treasure Hunting


  • Local Indian grounds
  • Ghost towns
  • Historically rumored hidden outlaw loot sites
  • Historically rumored buried coin caches
  • Lost historical structures
  • Hidden ancient mines
  • Ancient cultural settlement locations
  • Spanish exploration areas
  • Massacre Sites
  • Old military trails and camps
  • Civil War grounds
  • Historically rumored hidden Mobster caches
  • Western gold mines
  • Indian petroglyphs and pictographs
  • Mining camps
  • Gold Prospecting
  • Dark Age Treasures

Let’s get into a few of these topics and see what treasures lie within them | The Best Guide to Treasure Hunting 2021


I Want To Be Apart Of This Adventure




Locating Buried Treasure


The Best Guide To Treasure Hunting 

Below you will find a few different ways to locate a treasure and lost historical areas. Keep an eye open when you’re out in the field. If you see something that doesn’t look natural, most likely it’s not. Man-made structures, symbols, monuments, and more are perfect clues to find. This list is only the start of what you can hunt for and is not limited to your research and expansion with your treasure hunting and exploring.


Native Indian Culture

Indian Grounds

– are a great place to find artwork from the past. These were considered sacred locations and most tribes used them for generations upon generations. Please consider that these are still very important sites. Not only to the local Indians but to archaeologists and anthropologists too. If you ever find one of these locations, please leave it the way you found it. Do not destroy anything. These locations are great for finding arrowheads, bows and arrows, tools, and much more. Take pictures and document what you find. Contact your local Indian tribe and they may help you understand the history. 


Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns

are one of my favorite places to visit. You can find all kinds of treasures here. I have been very lucky to find structures and artifacts off the beaten path of these old sites. Things like miners’ cabins with beds and tables in them. I even found an old newspaper from 1903 sitting on the dinner table of a small shack. If you can visit a protected ghost town, there’s plenty of fun but if you can discover a small one high in the mountains, your chances of finding something really good, that no one else has found, goes up.  Remember the best metal detectors for treasure hunting are a great tool in this situation. Check your state and county laws for more metal detecting laws and regulations. 

Outlaw Treasure and the Wild West

Outlaw Loot

– We all have heard of stories of Jesse James and Butch Cassidy. What happened to their riches? Some are still out in the middle of the desert or in the high mountains because they were not able to come back for their loot. Don’t forget about some of the other outlaws too. Some people were more famous than others but nevertheless, riches are riches. This type of scouting takes a little more work and research. It may not be a bad idea to buy some books and read articles on the internet about stagecoach, bank, and train robberies in your state. If you do your research right, it should take you in the right area and if you learn to look for clues and use treasure hunting tools, you may get lucky. 


Treasure Hunting for Coins

Finding Coin Caches

– This is definitely where a metal detector comes in handy, especially one that’s made for coin and relic hunting. If you do a simple Google search, you will find many news articles that some lucky person found while digging a new home foundation or even out metal detecting an area and stumbled upon a great find. Make no mistake, back in the old day’s many people buried their valuables in the ground. Many of them died or relocated in a hurry and never came back for their riches. Metal detecting and treasure hunting are becoming a big hobby and sport now. If you are thinking about trying your luck, talk to me. I sell every brand and model of detectors made in the world on Treasures in America’s website. 


Ancient Sites and Buried Treasure

Lost Ancient Sites

– I have been researching lost history for over 20 years and I can tell you personally, there are ancient cultures and townsites that I have found that are not in any history books. The school systems control what is taught and if they think it’s not important then you will have never heard about it. There are states in America that have major lost historical sites that you may have not known about and that’s exactly what you should be looking for. This can be tricky to find but if you take your time and be patient, I know you can find something that could change history itself. You need to reach out to others in your state. Visit forums and join social media groups. Start asking and searching for the right answers and you may stumble onto an area that might be a huge discovery. 


Abandoned Mine

Spanish Treasure & Mines

– The Spanish were plunders and miners for sure. They tried to find anything that was valuable and if you follow their breadcrumb trails, I guarantee you can find something from their past. Some sites are more valuable than others but almost all of them are hiding a treasure of some type. I have found many Spanish mines in my day and most of them still have minerals inside. The Spanish were always making enemies and much of the time it ended in a fight. They had to bury their precious gold and silver never to return because of death or injury. Most Spanish sites are similar in the way of clues. You can locate these sites by doing your research and then heading out to the area. Look for rock monuments and symbols. Most of these symbols were carved on rocks or trees. Many times, there can be a campsite, burial ground, mines, or a cache location to just one Spanish story. These sites take lots of time to research in the office and in the field. The Treasures in America team has dedicated many years to Spanish research. You can learn more by reaching out to us. 


Civil War Field Treasure Hunt

Civil War Locations

– Many Americans lost their lives in these places so please be respectful when hunting these types of grounds. The civil war did leave thousands upon thousands dead. Most of them were buried in an unusual manner in the ground. Tons of artifacts were left laying on the ground and now can be found buried several inches in the dirt. These areas can be somewhat easy to find and metal detect but if you look off the traveled path a little, you may find some greater items that other treasure hunters have missed. Please check your local state and county laws to make sure you’re not breaking any and ask for permission on private property. 


Mobster & Gang Treasure & Loot

Hidden Mobster Caches

– Al Capone wasn’t the only gangster in America. There are many gangs and mobsters in our history. Some of them hid money in the wilderness so others couldn’t find it. Most of these treasures are cash and some have gold and silver bars in them too. If you do some searching around on the web and purchase some books, I think you could follow their tracks and possibly find their hidden loot. If you live in the Chicago or New York area, this might be the right treasure hunting for you.  


Abandoned Gold & Silver Mines in America

Old Gold & Silver Mines

– The big gold rush happened in the Western states and there’s still gold in “them there” hills. If you find an old mine you might find out that it’s not played out yet. The gold and silver prices dropped so low in the early 1900s and many miners decided that it wasn’t worth mining any longer. Most of them gave it up and never returned. Luckily since the late 1800s, mining claims had to be filed so your state and county have records of old gold and silver discoveries. You would have to do some work but it wouldn’t be hard to find some old mines in your state. 


Gold Panning & Prospecting Gear

Gold Prospecting

–  You can find gold in many places and even though the old-timers were good at what they did, there’s still gold in the hills. Even the old mine dumps can be picked through and gold can be found. You can gold pan the rivers and much more. Gold is at an all-time high and many gold prospectors still make good money from prospecting. If you purchased a gold metal detector you can have a good chance of finding even more gold. Especially with a waterproof gold metal detector. Then you can search for rivers and find a rich sandbank. 


Nazi Treasure & Gold

Nazi Buried Treasure

– I have tons of research that tells stories of gold and other treasures that were placed here in America during World War 2 by the Nazis. Here’s a clue that I will give you. It will send you down the right path of hunting for Nazi buried treasure. Do a Google search for the “Lue Map” and “Nazi Gold in America”. You will find a lot of information and I know it will get you started. If you make that big discovery, remember who started you on your journey. 


Knights Templar Treasure Secrets

Knight Templar Treasure

– Everyone has heard of the greatest treasure in the world but did you know that it could be in North America? Some believe that the Knights Templars sailed to the new world and found the perfect hiding place. Some believe that the order of the Templars is still watching over the secret location. Are the Freemasons or the Scottish Rite involved in protecting this treasure? These are questions that many have asked and if someone could find this treasure, it would be the richest treasure ever found in history.  



Become Apart Of The Treasures in America Team



The Best Guide To Treasure Hunting Part 3


Laws in America | State & County -THE BEST GUIDE TO TREASURE HUNTING



Treasure Hunting Laws:

It doesn’t matter what state you live in, Delaware, Wisconsin, Florida, every state and county is different when it comes to treasure hunting and metal detecting laws. You will want to check online or make a few phone calls to make sure you abide by the laws of your area. I will give you one hint on this, private property does not have laws you have to abide by. If you can find treasure on your property or someone else’s (by permission), you are set! 

This is one thing that I hope to change in my lifetime. I would like to work with you and go to our congress and politicians and change the way treasure hunting permits are received. Many treasure hunters apply for permits and get denied. This leads to looting and illegal treasure hunts and much of the history and records are never known by professionals. 

I feel that if permits were given out more often to responsible and experienced treasure hunters, the treasure hunters can share their knowledge and discoveries with archeologists and anthropologists and that lost history could be examined and documented. Please do your research and treasure hunt and metal detection the right way.

Some states are much stricter than others. If you live in states like Florida, Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, please search for your local laws. Treasure hunting laws are very important and if you don’t abide by them, you can go to Federal Prison for a very long time. I like to work with my local law so I can learn the ins and outs. 

If you would like to join the fight in making your state easier to obtain a treasure hunting permit, reach out to me. I feel that I will be fighting the limitations for the rest of my life. I plan on making this a political issue because I feel that things can be better for treasure hunters and the treasure hunting laws and regulations. Always, always follow the laws. 







Luckily, there’s a treasure hunting online store that I own called Treasures in America. I used my 20+ years of treasure hunting experience to create the best treasure hunting store in America. With modern-day technology, some of the best in the web development industry, my team created an easy to use and clean online store. 

I only sell products that I would use in the field. After all these years, I know what is a good tool and what is not. The brands I choose to sell are the best that you can find in the world. They carry a wide range of beginners all the way to advanced products. This leaves huge price differences so you can find the gear that fits your budget. We’re experts in metal detecting and prospecting along with treasure hunting shovels, diggers, and much more. We can help outfit you with the right tool for the job. Reach out to us and we will be glad to help in the best way we can. 


Using Drones for Treasure Hunting


I use drones all the time. I think it is a very modern and useful treasure hunting tool to have. I used to have to hike all over the wilderness to find treasure hunting clues and now, I let the drone do the work. 

Even though I still have to go on foot to find treasure hunting symbols carved in trees and rocks, I can see structures and man-made objects with the drone’s camera. 

Another modern-day tool that treasure hunters can use is a GPR system. GPR’s and drones can get expensive but I think they’re very important to find that big treasure that has been hiding for years. The GPR system will read anything deep in the ground. 

Its software will give you locations to caves, mines, buried treasure caches, and much more. Some GPR systems can go very deep in the ground. Some claim 100 feet or more. Some of the cheaper systems will go 20 feet. It’s important for you to do your research and buy the right one for you. 







That’s a great question and if I had the answer I would be a rich man. Some believe that the Spanish had a code for burying treasure. Some say that it was always 6 feet deep. I have not found total proof of this yet. I have found swords and other relics just 6 inches deep. I also know that some treasures I’ve been working years on are over 10 feet deep. 

This is why I always keep the best and most modern gear with me. You never know how deep the treasure will be. Sometimes you might find your treasure in a cave. Sometimes it will be buried, it’s hard to say. That’s why doing your research is key. Remember that. Know the history and clues to the treasure that you are hunting for. 

What do you need in order to find buried treasure? Luck, treasure hunting tools, and the right information. 


Treasure Hunting Community & Social Media Network


Find a mentor for starters. If you’re new to treasure hunting, you have thousands of hours ahead of you, and learning the right information is key. Treasures in America has tons of resources for you to read, watch, and learn from. We have many blogs, treasure videos, and a treasure podcast and so much more to offer. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, then you won’t find it anywhere. Go to to learn more. 

You can also follow us on social media. We share our adventures and more on these platforms. It’s also a great way to find others that share the same interests. 


Treasures in America Facebook Page

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I would also like to bring up a few more different types of treasure hunting you can get into. First off, let’s start with underwater treasure hunting. This can be accomplished by scuba diving and snorkeling.. Using a metal detector would be a big advantage to you. Searching the ocean for lost treasure ships and more is a very exciting world. 

The next type of hunting includes the best beaches for treasure hunting in the world. The Florida Keys and the Caribbean Sea has proven to be great places to treasure hunt. In fact, some of the best treasure hunters known have found their riches on the beach or in the ocean. This is another task that a metal detector will be the best tool to use. Follow this link to the best beach metal detectors on the market. 

And last but not least, river treasure hunting and gear. Rivers can be a great place to hunt for gold and relics as well. I’ve spent a lot of time prospecting the rivers for a gold sandbank and using a waterproof metal detector to find treasures. Do a little research to find places near you to learn more. 

The Best Metal Detector For Buried Treasure




The Exciting World of Treasure Hunting and the Rewards - THE BEST GUIDE TO TREASURE HUNTING


There’s one treasure that I have not mentioned yet, adventure and excitement! I don’t want to forget about the new friendships and companionship that comes with this industry. Some of my best treasures have been found in the hunt, not the find. I have made many friends and connections from my years of hunting for riches. You are not alone. I have counted over 300,000 strong that do this as a hobby and/or career. Most of them are great people that love it as much as I do. We have learned that we share the same passion and that has gotten me far. 

I have been lucky enough to air on local news channels and major networks. The connections I have spread throughout the United States and even into Central and South America as well. Start your adventure with friends and family. It will give you a hobby and an opportunity to share it with others. I have not met many people that don’t think treasure hunting is very cool and exciting. Experience this world of mysteries and adventure today. 



I have spent thousands of hours in my office, library, and county records buildings. I would like to tell you that the life of a historical treasure hunter is like an Indiana Jones movie but that shows the exciting moments. There’s plenty of good treasure hunting shows out there to watch to learn more. The truth is that you have to be patient and spend your time researching for sure. It’s hard to find something if you don’t know where or what you’re looking for. 

You must do these things to be successful in your hunt. There’s a list below but it is not limited. Depending on many variables, each treasure hunting trip is different. 

  1. Choose the treasure story you want to hunt for
  2. Do lots of research about the story
    • Who hid the treasure?
    • What was the time frame? 
    • Who was involved? 
    • What’s the location?
    • What’s the terrain like? 
    • What gear do you need?
    • Do you need to assemble a team?
    • Research, research, research
  3. Form a plan by using Google Earth and topo maps
  4. Do a scouting trip
  5. Plan a big trip
    • Do you need to camp overnight?
    • Create a safety plan and stick to it
    • Plan food and water
    • Make sure someone knows where you are going and when you will be back

Hopefully, this gives you some idea of what to do and plan. To give you an example, I have spent many years on some of my biggest treasure hunts. Some legends can take a lifetime to solve and some can be worked within months, they’re all different. Safety is key and your first priority. 

Old mines can be dangerous and so is the wilderness. I spent years camping and hiking the wilderness before I really started to treasure hunt. Because of hazards, I have been through the following: 

I’ve been lost a couple of times.

I’ve had heat exhaustion 2 times and this is very dangerous.

I’ve experienced dehydration for hours, becoming very weak.

I’ve come close to not making it out of the mountains because of injuries.

Be careful and smart while you’re out in the field. You can also abandon a treasure hunt because of unsafe conditions. You will always get another chance but only if you make it home safely. Remember that. 

This is why I created the Treasures in America team. There’s a lot of work to be done and 2 heads are better than one. These are the reasons I created this best guide to treasure hunting. So you can be prepared as much as possible. 




Filming Treasure Hunts & Documenting Videos


Here’s the best part, all the information you’ll ever need is on the world-wide-web these days. All you need to do is get on Google Search and start searching. When I started treasure hunting, the internet was up and running but there was a limited amount of information. Now, you can learn from others and follow along with their videos and treasure hunting documentaries. Give it a try. You’ll see that the information is at your fingertips. 


Talk Treasures with Tim Podcast


There’s plenty of treasure hunting podcasts on the internet these days and it’s a great way to learn from the best. It’s also a great way to hear about other treasure hunters’ adventures. Known treasure hunter Timothy Draper from Utah has his own podcast show and he shares all the juicy information along with mentoring others. Learn how to become a treasure hunter and listen to his podcasts. 


The Best Guide To Treasure Hunting Part 7


Treasures to be Found in North America- THE BEST GUIDE TO TREASURE HUNTING


I’m going to give you some of my research that I’ve been working on for many years now. I know that this will help you find treasures in your state. It will also give you some ideas so you can research more information and stories in your state. There are many more than the ones I am listing but this will get you on the right path. Look for your state and surrounding states and get out there and find your adventure.  

I wish you all good luck and many riches. Be careful out there! The Best Guide to Treasure Hunting 2021


Learn More About Treasure Hunting



Where to go treasure hunting in Alabama

  • Morris Slater, alias Railroad Bill
  • Lost Gold of Confederate Treasury Birmingham
  • Hickson Treasure
  • Henry Nunez Hoard
  • The McGillivray Plantation
  • Buzzard Roost
  • Hardy Clemens – Big Sandy Creek
  • The Spring Treasure


Where to go treasure hunting in Alaska

  • The Aleutian Wreck
  • Lake of the Golden Bar
  • Victors Landing Treasure
  • The Mad Trapper Johnson treasure
  • The Yukon riverboat Columbian
  • Johnny Watsons gold
  • Frank’s Gold


Where to go treasure hunting in Arizona

  • The Lost Dutchman Mine
  • Bronco Bill Loses to Wells Fargo
  • Sierra Estrella Buried Gold
  • Canyon Station Treasure Near Kingman
  • Flagstaff Outlaw Cache
  • Ghost Town Treasure Tales
  • Outlaws Steal Outlaw Loot
  • Prescott Treasure Tales
  • Red Jack Gang in Arizona
  • Sierra Estrella Buried Gold
  • Treasure Troves in Flagstaff
  • Wells Fargo Stolen Cache


Where to go treasure hunting in Arkansas

  • Black Cave, or Spanish Treasure Cave
  • Stuart’s Island
  • Brushy Mountains & Jesse James
  • The Twin Springs Treasure
  • The Madre Vena Treasure
  • Ten Mile House


Where to go treasure hunting in California

  • Joaquin Murrieta’s Stolen Cache
  • Gunsight Mine of Death Valley
  • Outlaw Roy Gardner’s Loot
  • The Desert-Stranded Pearly Galleon
  • Hidden Treasure Near Vallecito Station
  • Holden Dick’s Stolen Loot
  • Honey Valley Treasure
  • Lost Chinese Cache Volcanoville
  • Goose Egg Mine of El Dorado County
  • Rattlesnake Dick’s Stolen Loot
  • Ruggles Brothers Loot in Middle Creek


Where to go treasure hunting in Colorado

  • La Caverna del Oro (The Cave of Gold)
  • Arapaho Princess Treasure
  • Treasure Mountain
  • Virginia Dale Stage Station
  • South Park and the Reynolds Gang
  • Devil’s Head Mountain
  • The Ten-Cent Treasure
  • Purgatory Canyon
  • Chacuaco Canyon
  • Irish Canyon (20,000)
  • Round Mountain


Where to go treasure hunting in Connecticut

  • Captain Kidd Charles Island Treasure
  • Money Island
  • Windham


Where to go treasure hunting in Delaware

  • Patty Cannon Treasure
  • Appoquinimink Treasure
  • Charles Wilson Treasure
  • Kelley Island
  • New Castle


Where to go treasure hunting in the Florida Keys

  • Ashley Gang Robbery
  • Silver church bells
  • Richard Crowe Coins
  • DeLeon Springs
  • Don Felipe Treasure


Where to go treasure hunting in Georgia

  • North Georgia Mountain Treasure
  • Youdoo Negroes Dig for Robbers Treasure
  • Confederate Gold – Chennault plantation
  • Jekyll Island
  • St. Simon’s Island
  • Tybee Island


Where to go treasure hunting in Hawaii

  • The burial chamber of King Kamehameha
  • Pirate Treasure of Oahu’s Kaena Point
  • Lost Tribe Kauai Treasure
  • Kealakekua Bay Hoard
  • Peruvian Treasure
  • Alfred Devereaux Coins
  • Cave of Kings Treasure
  • Captain Cavendish Treasure
  • Captain Cook Stash


Where to go treasure hunting in Idaho

  • Portneuf Canyon Stage Robbery
  • City of Rocks Buried Treasure
  • Camas Creek
  • McCammon (4million today)
  • Priest Lake 
  • Cassia County
  • Robbers Gulch
  • Rogerson 
  • Grangeville 


Where to go treasure hunting in Illinois

  • Mysterious Hurricane Creek
  • Colonel Clark’s Lost Silver
  • Lost Stash of Henri de Tonti
  • James Gregory Stash
  • The Sweetin Home
  • The Farrington Brothers’ Gold
  • Burrows Cave
  • Lost Stash of Henri de Tonti
  • King of the Hold Up Men


Where to go treasure hunting in Indiana

  • Josiah Hite Cashe
  • Gangster Jim Genna
  • General John Morgan coins
  • Reno Gang Buried Treasure
  • Wabash River Racketeer
  • The Reno brothers
  • The Harris Farmhouse


Where to go treasure hunting in Iowa

  • Fort Atkinson’s Lost Payroll
  • Chief Black Hawk’s Buried Treasure
  • A Merchant’s Gold at the Nishnabotna River
  • Kelly‘s Bluff
  • Red Brussels’ Cache
  • Miners Creek Payroll
  • Thomas Nelson’s Gold
  • The Lumberman’s Stash
  • Bonnie and Clyde’s Booty
  • Burrow Gang


Where to go treasure hunting in Kansas

  • Cherokee Bad Boy’s Hidden Loot
  • Fort Dodge Silver
  • Hamilton County Stage Station
  • Fleagle Gang Buried Cache
  • More Kansas Treasures
  • Pawnee Rock


Where to go treasure hunting in Kentucky

  • Sandy River Silver Bars 
  • Silver Coins on Big Branch Creek
  • Moore’s Treasure
  • Military money pokes
  • Gold and silver bars near the Pines
  • James Langstaff coins
  • Fort Campbell’s Pennys
  • Old Pitts farm


Where to go treasure hunting in Louisiana

  • The Legend of Fletcher’s Treasure
  • Fortune of Gabriel Fuselier de la Claire
  • Monsieur Richarde of Shreveport, LA
  • Limerick Plantation
  • Old Camp Place
  • Evans stash Baskin, LA


Where to go treasure hunting in Maine

  • Starboards Creek/ Brothers Island (Machias)
  • Damariscove Island/ Cushing Island
  • Isles of Shoals
  • Jewell Island
  • Machias River
  • Outer Heron Island
  • Penobscot Bay
  • Mount Desert Island


Where to go treasure hunting in Maryland

  • Grover Cleveland Bergdoll Hoard
  • The Mansion House Treasure
  • Jacques Champlaine Coins
  • The Mansion House Treasure
  • Jake Hole Treasure
  • Old Friends Meeting House


Where to go treasure hunting in Massachusetts

  • Buried Chests at Balance Rock, Pittsfield
  • Dungeon Rock Cave, Lynn
  • Treasure of Tenney’s Grey Court Castle
  • Sunken Treasure Of The Whydah
  • Short Beach and Grover’s Cliff, Winthrop
  • Captain Kidd and Gallops Island
  • Mysterious Blue Rock at Cape Poge on Chappaquiddick Island
  • Money Bluff on Deer Island
  • Hessian Loot in Dalton


Where to go treasure hunting in Michigan

  • High Island Lost Treasure
  • Lost Treasure of Berlanquette
  • The Henry Dansman Treasure
  • Cat Head Point
  • Drummond Island


Where to go treasure hunting in Minnesota

  • Minnesota Old Soldiers Home.
  • Ma Barker and the Alvin Karpis gang
  • The Joseph Winther Treasure
  • Thomas Fontaine Cash
  • Old Sherburne
  • The Lost Payroll (1862)
  • Gold In Blue Lake
  • Pet Johnson, also known as Pet Kronquist Gold


Where to go treasure hunting in Mississippi

  • The Rocky Springs Treasure
  • The Buried Treasure of Chief Toby Tubby
  • James Copeland’s Buried Treasure
  • The Gore Fortune
  • The Buried Treasure of Pirate Patrick Scott
  • The Pirate House


Where to go treasure hunting in Missouri

  • Alf Bolin’s Outlaw Loot
  • Legend of Bone Hill in Levasy, Missouri
  • Lost Copper Mine in the Ozark Hills
  • More Missouri Treasures
  • Parson Keithly’s Hidden Gold
  • Tin Whistle Loot North of Milford


Where to go treasure hunting in Montana

  • Treasure At Little Bighorn (375,000)
  • The Henry Plummer gang buried a coach
  • Fort Missoula Military Post
  • Chinese Grade
  • Hollow Top Mountain
  • Haystack Butte


Where to go treasure hunting in Nebraska

  • Jesse James and Robbers Cave
  • Jesse James and Catron-Miyoshe Fruit Farm
  • David Colbert McCanles’ lost fortune
  • The treasure at Lodgepole Creek
  • The Medley fortune
  • Buffalo Bill’s secret stash


Where to go treasure hunting in Nevada

  • Stolen Loot at the Truckee River
  • Tim Cody the Lost Ledge
  • Lost Whiskey, Wagon Load
  • Gold Coins in the Genoa Hills
  • The Lost Breyfogle Mine
  • The Lost Gold Ledge
  • Nevada Prison Treasure
  • The Legend of Bone Hill Cemetery
  • The McCann’s Summit Cache
  • Kiln Canyon Treasure
  • The Lost Hardin Silver
  • The First Gas Chamber
  • The Combination Mine
  • The Genoa Nail Keg Cache
  • The Rolling Stones of Pahranagat
  • Killing of Belmont 


Where to go treasure hunting in New Hampshire

  • Wentworth by the Sea
  • Blackbeard’s Isles of Shoals
  • Sandy Gordon White Island
  • The John Cromwell treasure
  • John Quelch Gold


Where to go treasure hunting in New Jersey

  • John Bacon’s Long Beach loot
  • Buried treasure in Burlington
  • Aaron Kitchell fortune in Hanover
  • The lost fortune of the “Pine Barrens Bandit.”
  • Chief Thayendanegea’s gold
  • Folsom’s farmland treasure
  • Captain Kidd’s million-dollar Jersey Shore stash


Where to go treasure hunting in New Mexico

  • Army Payroll in San Juan County
  • Victorio Peak Mystery Treasure
  • The Lost Padre Mine
  • Victorio Peak Mystery Treasure
  • More New Mexico Treasures
  • You Can Search For Black Gold
  • Oregon Treasure
  • Cursed Treasure of Columbia City
  • Lost Blue Bucket Mine
  • A Pioneer Story and the Lost Blue Bucket Mine
  • Rockhounding in the Prineville Region


Where to go treasure hunting in New York

  • Buried Gold at Concord Farm on Staten Island
  • Chest of Gold at Crabtree Island
  • Hussar’s Lost Gold at Hell Gate
  • Butlersbury Mansion
  • Isle Royale
  • Grand Island
  • Kidd’s Gold of Round Island 
  • Kyd’s Treasure of Bedloe’s Island
  • Miser’s Gold Hidden in Shanty Near Royalton
  • Money Ponds at Montauk Point
  • Quaker Treasure Cave of Jasper


Where to go treasure hunting in North Carolina

  • The Gander Hall Plantation Treasure
  • Anne Blyth Loot
  • Shaklesford Beach
  • Money Hill
  • The Campgrounds
  • The Orton Plantation


Where to go treasure hunting in North Dakota

  • The Big Butte Treasure
  • The Lost Detachment
  • Dr. Dibbs Lost Mine
  • North Dakota Wagon Train


Where to go treasure hunting in Ohio

  • Turkeyfoot Creek Treasure
  • Lost French Gold of Minerva
  • John Dillinger’s Loot
  • King of the Bootleggers
  • Gold Bars or Fairport Harbor
  • Fat Nicholas of Hispaniola Treasure


Where to go treasure hunting in Oklahoma

  • Battle in Kansas Gold
  • Arbuckley Stolen Payroll
  • Old Fort Sill Trading Post Well
  • Samuel Stewart Gold
  • Coal County Outlaw loot
  • Jesse James Wichita Mountains Loot
  • Sugar Loaf Mountain Treasure
  • The Oklahoma Lost Treasure of Black Mesa Plateau


Where to go treasure hunting in Oregon

  • Buried treasure of Neahkahnie Mountain
  • Skelton Mountain Payroll
  • Sexton Mountain Pass Gold
  • The Louse Creek Stage Robbery
  • The silent paymaster of Fort Grant
  • The inside job at Pendleton


Where to go treasure hunting in Pennsylvania

  • The Lost Silver Cave
  • The “American Robin Hood’s” Buried Gold
  • The Union Soldier’s Stash at Dent’s Run
  • Captain Blackbeard’s Lost Silver of Potter County
  • The Doans Gang’s Loot
  • The Kinzua Bridge Cache
  • Frontenac’s Fortune


Where to go treasure hunting in Rhode Island

  • Block Island
  • Pirate Thomas Tew Newport Treasure
  • Pirate Charles Harris Newport Cliffs
  • The Prescott Farm
  • Hog Island


Where to go treasure hunting in South Carolina

  • Williamson Plantation – Historic Brattonsville, SC
  • Hampton Plantation – McClellanville, SC
  • The legend of Captain Jack Murrell
  • Hunts Bluff
  • North Island
  • Mulberry Plantation – Moncks Corner


Where to go treasure hunting in South Dakota

  • Cuthbert Ducharme Gold
  • The Bear Mountain Treasure
  • The Lost Gold of Devils Tower
  • Gray Foot Loot
  • Horse Thief Lake


Where to go treasure hunting in Tennessee

  • Kentucky Lake Fort Henry Treasure
  • Little Dove Confederate treasure
  • Monteagle Civil War treasures
  • Lost Delosie Mine
  • Denton Treasure
  • Dollar Hill Payroll Chest
  • KGC of Nashville
  • JB Moore Loot
  • Woodlawn Plantation
  • The John Winters Treasure
  • The Buffalo River Treasure


Where to go treasure hunting in Texas

  • The Buried Treasure of Texas Hill Country
  • The Lost Bill Kelley Mine
  • Mexican Gold in Little Cypress Creek
  • Newton Gang Loot in Bexar County
  • Red River Treasure
  • Singer Treasure on Padre Island
  • The Lost Treasure of the Alamo
  • Spider Rock Treasure


Where to go treasure hunting in Utah

  • Castle Gate Lost Treasure
  • Spring Canyon Treasure
  • Montezuma’s Treasure
  • White Cliffs Lost Gold Ledge
  • Winter Quarters – Hidden Loot in a Ghost Town
  • Lost Josephine Mine
  • Spanish Treasure of the Henry Mountains


Where to go treasure hunting in Vermont

  • Bristol Spanish Gold
  • Lake Memphremagog Coins
  • Indian Joe Worcester Mountain Gold
  • Stave Island Treasure
  • Smuggler’s Notch
  • St. Albans Raid


Where to go treasure hunting in Virginia

  • $63 Million Hidden In Bedford County, Virginia
  • Mosby’s Treasure In Virginia (375,000)
  • The Beale Treasure, The Myth of Millions in Bedford


Where to go treasure hunting in Washington

  • Buried Treasure in Walla Walla County
  • The Lost and Sunken Treasure of Washington State
  • Captain James Scarborough Treasure
  • The High Graders Poor Farm treasure
  • Earl of Blewett Treasure
  • Lars Hanson Treasure


Where to go treasure hunting in West Virginia

  • Steamer Treasure
  • The Carpenter Farm Treasure
  • The Dennis Atkins Treasure
  • Branch Mountain Gold Cave
  • Gold of Blennerhassett Island
  • Hidden Treasure in the Buckhannon River Valley


Where to go treasure hunting in Wisconsin

  • John Dillinger’s Buried Treasure (200,000)
  • The Story of the Lost Frederic Treasure
  • Treasure at Wildcat Mountain
  • The Banker’s Buried $35,000 in Gold
  • Balsam Lake Gold Wagon
  • The Benjamin Noble
  • Sam “Samoots” Amatuna Loot


Where to go treasure hunting in Wyoming

  • The Lost Gold of Devils Tower
  • Snake River Pothole Gold
  • The Hallelujah Gulch Robbery Loot
  • The Lost Treasure of Big Nose George
  • Nate Champion’s Lost Treasure





To read more about treasure hunting in Mexico, please read our blogs. Mixtec, Aztec, & Maya cultures have tons of hidden lost treasures all over Central and South America. These legends could take a lifetime to unlock but could also be very rewarding for the right treasure hunter. We have a few stories about some big treasures in Mexico. This is a very unexplored and documented area. You only hear new discoveries when they’re released and many discoveries never hit the news. I know personally that many people in Mexico are working underground to find and locate new lost history and treasures. 








There’re many great treasure hunting companies around the world but if you’re looking for the best of the best with all the treasure hunting information you’ll ever need, try Treasures in America. You will find not only the best treasure hunting gear, but you’ll also find resources that reach the highest level from blogs, treasure hunting news, treasure hunting videos and so much more. 

Now you have the best treasure hunting information in the world. I leave it in your hands to take the next steps. Use this “The Best Guide to Treasure Hunting” as your guide and treasure hunting bible. You’re not alone. There Are thousands and thousands of like-minded people in the world that would be happy to connect with you. Choose your treasure hunting team wisely and… 

It’s not just a metal detector, it’s a lifestyle. Good Luck. Be Safe. Find Your Adventure. 


The Best Guide To Treasure Hunting – 2021

Written by Timothy Draper ~ Historical Treasure Hunter

Edited by Craig Draper

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