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Whites Metal Detectors
Best Whites Metal Detectors 2021

    Whites Electronics Background Whites Electronics, AKA Whites Metal Detectors has a long history of handcrafting extreme and dependable detectors and accessories. In the 1950s, this Family-Owned USA based business started producing detectors and accessories in Sweet Home, Oregon by Ken Whites Senior. Whites has had a great name for many years now. Whites quote is a powerful message,…

Whites DigMaster Digger
Whites DigMaster Digger

Whites DigMaster Digger | Safe Time. Dig Accordingly.

You need to right digging tools to get the job done right and quickly so you can move on to new targets. The Whites DigMaster Digger is a prime tool to have with you at all times. Don’t waste time shopping online. This is a great digger at a great price.

Whites GMX Sport
Whites Goldmaster GMX Sport

New Arrival | High-Tech Waterproof Gold Metal Detector

This powerful gold-seeking metal detector is not only Whites newest machine released but one of Whites Best Gold Metal Detectors. With the new ground balancing and the VLF technology, this puts the GMX in its own category and along with one of the top gold detectors. To learn more about the GMX Sport reach out to us and we’ll help outfit you with the right treasure hunting equipment that fits your needs.

Whites Goldmaster 24k Metal Detector

Whites Metal Detectors is gone but Garrett has taken over



The Whites Goldmaster 24k is their top gold metal detector. The unique frequency technology that the Goldmaster 24k comes with will help you find more gold. The price of the Goldmaster 24k fits most detectorist budget and if you need to make payments, Treasures in America has easy financing too. To learn more about the Whites Goldmaster 24k please reach out to our customer service department.

Whites MXT All Pro Metal Detector
Whites MXT All Pro

“I really like the MXT by Whites. This is a metal detector that I can stand behind and recommend to everyone” said Timothy Draper, Founder of Treasures in America.

Proven MXT performance with 3-program versatility for prospecting, relics, or the beach and high-end features like Tone I.D., Ground Grab, and backlight.

Whites MX Sport Metal Detector
Whites MX Sport

A Great Detector From Whites!

Waterproof for 10 feet and ready for anything that comes your way. The Whites MX Sport was born with the idea that Whites Electronics wanted to give all they can with their 70+ years of experience with creating metal detectors. Let Treasures in America know how we can help you learn more.

Whites TreasureMaster Metal Detector
Whites TreasureMaster Metal Detector

Whites Treasuresmaster | Great. Reliable. Reasonable Price Detector.

Maximize your treasure hunting at an affordable price with the TREASUREmaster.

Whites Spectra V3i w/ Headphones
Whites Spectra V3i

Whites Spectra V3i | The Best of Whites Electronics 

White’s best metal detector is ready for your adventure! Packed with treasure-hunting tech, wireless headphones, and a full-color HD screen, our most powerful detector has 9 user-friendly presets and an onboard guide.

Whites TDI BeachHunter
Whites TDI BeachHunter

Whites TDI BeachHunter | Beach Better Have My Money!

The best overall value, performance, and simplicity on the beach with powerful pulse induction for hunting in water or black sand.

Whites TDI HIgh-Q
Whites TDI SL High-Q

Whites TDI SL High-Q | Pulse Metal Detector

Hunt-all-day convenience with this lightweight PI detector that provides unbeatable depth and sensitivity, specifically designed for prospecting and relic hunting.